A Muppets Christmas Carol (1992) – The ONLY Good Christmas Movie

I’m just kidding, I lied in the title to get you to click on the article. That’s what we in the business call clickbait. But A Muppets Christmas Carol (1992) is a really good one. It’s got fun songs, Michael Caine, and a lot of heart.

If you couldn’t guess, A Muppets Christmas Carol is based on Charles Dickens’ classic but obviously with that fun Muppets twist, which includes some great songs. Such as the fun opening “Scrooge”, the catchy “Marley and Marley”, and the heart warming “Bless Us All”. It’s not truly a Muppets movie without those musical numbers.

This movie also has Michael Caine as Scrooge. Which is both surprising and not surprising. It’s surprising because I guess its just crazy to see that Michael Caine is so old that he’s been playing the old guy since the early nineties. He’s truly had a storied career. But, its also not surprising because it is a staple of the Muppets franchise to have have major actors cameo or, in this case, play a major role in the film. Additionally, this movie might be Caine’s greatest acting performance. I mean, how does some manage to look and act grumpy when they are surrounded by singing and dancing Muppets? Or when talking to Kermit the Frog? I couldn’t do it. But, some how Caine does, and he has earned my respect for it.

Another staple of Muppets is the heart, and this movie is full of it. But, if you know anything about Charles Dickens’ original story, I’m sure you could’ve guessed that. I guess, with out spoiling the story too much, I’ll just mention one of the quotes from the movie, said by A heartbroken Kermit the Frog, as Bob Cratchit, trying to console his devastated family on the first Christmas since a death in the family: “Life is full of meetings and partings; that is the way of it.” And OOF… Boy was I not expecting to get hit with a line that heartbreaking in a Muppets movie. … How could there be a dry eye in the room? That’s the thing about Muppets. They are equally good at making the audience laugh and cry.

I love The Muppets. And A Muppets Christmas Carol is no exception. I highly suggest you check it out on Disney+ this holiday season.

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