Five Christmas Books to Read

The holiday season is upon us and the fantasy of curling up with a good book; warm cocoa in one hand and a fresh crisp novel in the other, is a comfortable dream for us bookworms. I recommend these Christmas books to bring you holiday comfort and serenity this Christmas season.

Nancy Mitford’s novel Christmas Pudding is a classic read for this years holiday. A fox-hunter named Lady Bobbin is holding a Christmas house party. The people who are attending are her daughter Philadelphia, an arrogant suitor, children poring over newspaper death notices, and a dispirited writer whose first serious novel has been considered the funniest book of the year. Not to mention adding ex-courtesan Amabelle Fortescue and her guests staying in a neighborhood cottage. This novel is a bawdy tale of true love, lack of morals and false allegiance, but plenty of Christmas spirit.

Carole Matthews’s novel Wrapped up in You is a warm hearted novel about hair dresser Janie Johnson, who’s single status is the gossip topic whenever she is with her friends and clients. However when a blind date goes poorly and she finds out her ex is getting married, she needs a change of scenery instead of lonely days with her cat. Janie’s adventure starts on her trip to Africa where she falls for her tour guide Dominic.

This novel will make you fish and have warm feelings all over as Janie tries to figure out is this a Christmas fling or the real thing.

Sarah Morgan’s novel The Christmas Sisters takes place in the snowy Highlands of Scotland, Suzanne McBride is dreaming of the perfect Christmas. Her three adopted daughters are coming home for the holidays and she can’t wait to see them. But tensions are running high with each daughter having her own baggage and worries. Will Suzanne McBride bring her daughters close together this Christmas?

Family and sisterhood are what makes this book a warm hearted feel for your cold toes. There is a good balance between comedy and serious undertones.

Last Christmas by Greg Wise and Emma Thompson is an anthology of fifty mini essays about different diverse experiences that happen around Christmas. This anthological novel gives readers an opportunity to reflect on what really matters during the Christmas holiday: hope, love, peace, acceptance, and family.

A heartbreak and joy to read this season, One Winter Morning revolves around a woman named Genie who is never in the Christmas spirit. The frosty mornings and holiday cheer remind her of her lost adoptive mother. She has been alone for so long, until she discovers her birth mother’s identity.

To meet her, she would have to go to New Zealand. This could be her chance to find out why her mother gave her up. Will she find the answers she was looking for or not?

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