Plant of the Week: Pecan, the Delicious

Candied Pecans - How to Make Candied Pecans - Fifteen Spatulas
Image courtesy of Google Images creative commons licensed photos.

I love everything about pecans. The nuts, the tree itself, the wood that falls during a good storm, what pecans mean to me, everything! The title says pecans, but I actually want to praise the entire tree!

The pecan nuts themselves are just so wonderful. Growing up in the South, pecans are a staple of fond food memories. Cracking them open to eat as-is is a delicious pastime, but I’m sure the method most are familiar with is that sweet, sweet treat known as pecan pie. While it’s not my favorite, it’s certainly not my LEAST favorite! I adore a good crunch in my sweets, and pecan pie is simply de-e-e-licious!

I love a good tree, which is to say, I love a tree. The bigger the better, and pecan trees are the perfect size for sitting and reading, napping, or just avoiding people! their long, friendly branches provide shade and comfort, and I love them dearly.

Anyone who enjoys wood grilling or smoking might know that pecan wood is excellent for both! Pecan is a hearty, hardwood variety of wood that gives a little extra flavor to your meat. Lemme tell ya, having two big ol’ pecan trees next to my rental is a blessing for cold nights when I just want a nice, juicy steak to warm me up!

I adore the pecan tree, the wood, the nuts, everything. I hope you do, too!

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