Here is to the new year. Many different YA titles are coming for the New Year. Here are just a few books you should check out for 2021 coming soon.

Lucky Girl by Jamie Pacton

Pacton uses this novel to teach us what money can and cannot fix. Seventeen year old Fortuna Jane Belleweather won the lottery jackpot. However she has four reasons for not claiming the prize. For one, she is a minor and would get into serious trouble for playing the lotto in the first place. Her mother could cash it in but she is a hoarder and would spend it all. Fortuna’s best friend Brandon is an aspiring journalist who will stop at nothing to find the winner. Lastly her ex Holden is sliding his way back into her life having ulterior motives. With suspicion a rising she needs to find a solution to cashing in the lotto or not.

Not My Problem by Ciara Smyth

Aideen has tow problems she can’t fix. Her best friend is being distant and her alcoholic mother is keeping her on edge. But when Aideen witnesses her overachiever nemesis Meabh Kowalski falling apart, she seems to find an easy solution. With a simple push down the stairs Meabh now does not have to worry about her extracurricular activities. Meabh now with a sprained ankle solved her problem which she is grateful for. However words spreads, and Aideen is caught up in a list of favors from other students. Anything is better than solving her problems but when will she face hers?

When We Were Infinite by Kelly Loy Gilbert

Beth wants to keep being friends forever with Grace Nakamura, Brandon Lin, Sunny Chen, and Jason Tsuo. With Beth’s family being torn and having no thoughts about her future, her friends are the only thing keeping her afloat. Even if she can’t tell her crush Jason how he feels, just having him and the rest of the group beside her is enough.

When Beth witnesses a violent act in the privacy of Jason’s home, Beth and her friends immediately work together to try and protect Jason. However when Jason makes a tough decision how far will Beth go for him?

Last Chance Books by Kelsey Rodkey

Madeline Moore loves the smell of books. Her family bookstore, Books & Moore is where she feels at home and herself. She cannot wait to take over the store from her wonderful aunt. A family owned store for generations and she will be the one in charge. Coming back from college and seeing Books & Moore now has its challenges. For one thing, the new book store across the street, Prologue, is stealing their customers. Madeline will do anything to beat the new competition. Even if it means competing against Jasper, the cute guy who works at Prologue.

Hurricane Summer by Asha Bromfield

A debut novel from Riverdale and Lock and Key actress Asha, that discusses love, colorist, father and daughter relationship, classism and to find your voice.

Counting down with you by Tashie Bhuiyan

Bangladeshi teen Karina Ahmed plans to keep to herself, get through high school and follow her parents strict rules without any issues. When her parents go abroad for four weeks Karina doesn’t expect to hear rumors of her dating the residential bad boy Ace Clyde. It’s one thing to be tutoring him, dating him is out of the question. Yet, he acts like the ideal caring boyfriend and does why she wants in order to keep this fake dating facade. Karina can’t help but count the days even if she agrees to the facade. What happens if she doesn’t want it to stop?

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