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While rendered unsuccessful in its early years, the Apple company has learned to adapt to societal norms, thus increasing its success. In fact, according to reporter Antonio Villas Boas, a new Apple update is being created about every 6 months, meaning the Iphone 100 is just around the corner! With technological advancements, however, comes new ways of technological thinking that were considered impossible at first. Apple’s new contribution of 2021 is no exception but, indeed, Apple is expected to launch the first ever self-driving car sometime this year!

Blueprints for the project named Titan are being kept hidden from the public, but a few leaked patents reveal some incredible features never thought possible. According to technology analyst Clare Duffy, the patent seems to describe “a virtual reality system that would help prevent passenger motion sickness by providing augmented or virtual displays correspondent with physical motions the passenger is experiencing”. In other words, the system can sense the motion of the car turning left or turning right and so the direction of the virtual display will synchronize with that motion, so as to prevent motion sickness. This makes using technological devices such as the Ipad or Iphone not only less nauseating, but safer. It may also increase productivity as drivers can now work while driving in the car.

Another feature expressed in the patent, according to Duffy, is “a tinted film covering on the exterior of as vehicle that adjusts based on data from various sensors, as well as explicit or implicit requests or commands for tinting.” What this means is that people being blinded from the sun while driving will be a thing of a past as the car provides a tint that blocks the sunlight if it is too harsh. Likewise, the system can lower the tint at night so that the person can see clearer. Being able to filter the amount of sunlight further makes driving safer and more efficient. It can also be used for privacy if the tint is set exceptionally high.

Furthermore, the Apple Car is expected to have a “find my vehicle” feature. Similar to “Find my Iphone”, find my vehicle can communicate with an Iphone device to create directions throughout the parking lot. These directions make finding the car easier is quieter as people do not need to set the car alarm off to find their car anymore! The location and navigation of the vehicle is determined using other sensors on the car’s exterior.

Just because the Apple Car has so many sensors and so many technological features does not mean it is unaware of the environmental conditions that have been plaguing society recently. According to the patents founded by Duffy, “it can adjust its settings based on the temperature and how much energy it releases into the atmosphere”. The warmer it is, the less energy will be released. Even so, the Apple Car will only release so much energy, since the car is mostly powered by electricity. The thermal temperature is also cooled by thousands of fans, thus improving battery life while unaffecting global warming and other factors of climate change.

The hardest aspect of developing the vehicle, according to the Apple company, is the self-driving feature. To develop this feature, there would need to be components to start the vehicle and safely pull it in and out of the parking space. On the road, more sensors and components would be needed to sense stop signs, traffic, traffic lights, and other road hazards. Also, the GPS feature would need to be more accurate, especially when the passenger is travelling to unfamiliar territory. With all of these components, it is not unexpected for the Apple Car to sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Still, many who follow the Apple Company continue to formulate speculations about the vehicle. One twitter user describes the invention to be “a luxury, user friendly vehicle” while another describes it as “a whole new operating system”. Regardless of the final result, fans of the Apple company are anxious to witness the Apple Car and note the changes it will make to 2021 and the future.

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