Halsey Launches about-face Makeup Line

For the past three and a half months, Halsey fans have been intently watching a mysterious Instagram profile called @a_b_o_ut______, filled with bright portraits and art pieces by various creators with no given context. Some key clues to Halsey’s involvement include posts with her initials (her real name is Ashley Frangipane) and allusions to Orpheus, the Greek myth that inspired both Romeo & Juliet and the story behind her June 2017 concept album, hopeless fountain kingdom. The mystery came to a peak when Halsey tagged the Instagram page in a December selfie, and just days later, the about-face website came to light. 

The website deems about-face a “multi-dimensional makeup” brand by Halsey meant to celebrate individuality and self-expression. A vibrant promotional video matches the aesthetic present on the original @a_b_o_ut______ Instagram page, showing Halsey and several models showcasing the products:

Video courtesy of about-face. Please be aware there are flashing scenes in the clip.

The line includes vibrant highlighters, rich lip and eye products, and bold eyeshadow sticks for a standout look. Its launch also includes a limited-edition makeup bag that allows both makeup lovers and Halsey fans who don’t wear cosmetics to own a piece of the collection. Halsey shared her excitement with fans on Twitter Monday morning:

You can shop about-face on their website now before orders start shipping out on January 25th.

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