My home is on fire

My home, my land, my beloved ones I wish I could save you, But I am week, I can not speak, I can not beat, but I can feel my own pain.

The rainforest where I lived with my father, mother, little brother and my friends. My friends rad deer, the sun and the moon. I remember those days when I woke up before the sun rise and went to the top of the mountain to see the sun rising. The first beam of sunrise with the cool breeze brought the soul of animals. The flowers dance and the birds sang their songs. The green grasses, yellow leaves,and the waterfalls reflected the face of heaven. I sat down and saw the tiny trees of the forest from the peak of the mountains. Sun looked at me, I could not look at the sun, but I felt that the sun was smiling. Animals started searching food in the forest and the birds left their nest for their little hungry children. My om also gathered the fresh grasses from the bank of the river. I loved those juicy, fresh and full of life grasses.

Often time when I came back to home my mom’s cheeks turned into red with anger.

She looked at me and said,” Allusion how many times, so I have to tell you to do not go outside with out my permission.”

I knew she cared about me, but I am not a child any more.

I replied, ” Mom I will tell you next time, but you have wake up before my friend rising at the sky.”

She always told that the sun and the moon cannot be your friends, they are just out their to give the light in the world. But I love them because they help all of us, they give us light so we can search for food, we can freely move with out hitting with trees. They have pure heart and they are not selfish. I did have my one more friend and his name is rad dear. He always woke up when the sun reached in the middle of the sky. He was totally different than me. He always wanted to be a star. He always said,” Look stars are pure like crystal and full of life. They can see the whole world that we can not see. I wished I could be the star so I can see the whole world.”

He also said, ” When your beloved one dies, you can see them in stars.”

But I knew that was just his illusion. He wanted to see the human world and made them friends, but it could stay as a dream and would never ever change into reality. Because the outside world would never accept us. We can go there as a prisoner in the zoo and in the circus.

I remember the last and the first song he sang for me. When he was close to his death.

Someday, we will meet agian

Someday, (People) they will feel our pain

Do not just sit there in vain

Stop scream like rain

Save breathe and run away

Before they see you in their way

Our land never betray (us)

Somewhere, it will give a place to stay

Oh, please run away.

Before they caught you in the way

The pain and the picture of memories still stay in my heart and why are we animals lives are so cheaper that any one come in our land and killed us like we are just garbage for them.

I still remember that night and how could I forget the night mare when I lost each of my beloved one’s. I and Rad were sitting under the milky way of stars. The night sky was full of shooting stars. But then, the sky covered with fire balls. We heard a blast from the west of the forest. Rad body started shaking and I lost my breath for a second. We run to the west side of the forest. When we reached there. I saw hell on the earth. The yellow reddish fire on the fur of animals and on the trees was touching the face of the moon. The moon turned into dark and lost it’s light. The nests were disappeared from the trees and some birds roasted in the fire. That day, I got scare from the hell. I saw the white and black rabbits were crushed and their eyes came out from their faces. It seemed that someone threw the mountain on them, but it was not a mountain. It was a ghost with its four big tire. Freely, moving around the forest and crushing animals with its tires.

Suddenly, four parrot’s children fell from the nest and with in a second the ghost crushed them. Their bones mixed with soil and vanished like they never exist in the world. I saw that night the blue stream changed into red and the animals bodies were floating in the stream. As a human appeared there from behind the branches. I and Rad hide behind one of the cave. Human started gathering the dead bodies of the animals. He started throwing them in the container as these animals are just rotten leaves, that fell in the river and the river washed them away. He spit in the container and I got angry and bite on his leg from the behind. He turned around and kicked me. He took out his gun and shot.

Rad said, “Stupid.”

Rad jumped in front me and fell on the land. His golden yellowish fur changed into red. The devil human left him in the cold night.

He moved his neck and said,” Allision do not cry I am always with you. Please promise with me that you will protect yourself and stay alive.”

I sat on my knees,” Please do not leave me. I do not want to be alone.”

He closed his eyes,” I will be always in your heart. The angel is coming. It’s time to say good bye.”

His soul left his body. I ran with full of pain in my heart toward my cave. I called my parents and brother and they did not respond me, I touched their body with my legs and they were cold like snow. I heard the foot step on someone and hide behind the rock. It was a human, he entered in the cave and took my family with him. I covered my mouth with my legs and my soul was screaming. I could not protect my beloved ones and cowardly left the land where I was born and moved toward the other side of the forest.

A year has been passed, human are still cutting the trees for their factories and houses. We animals are still losing our houses and families. The stream water is full of bad smell and each day the animals dies because of the water. The grasses never grows again on the bank of the river. The sun never smile again and get hotter and hotter day by day.

One day the forest will vanished from the earth and human will not find the more land to build their factories and from that day they will try to steal the land from the moon and the sun for their so called society.

What will human did if they were weaker than us?

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