Siri vs. Alexa vs. Google Assistant; Which is the Best?

Siri vs Alexa vs Google Assistant: The Smartest Virtual Assistant in 2018 -  YouTube

The 2010’s decade sought a huge change in the field of business inside and outside of the workplace. With virtual assistants such as Siri (2011), Alexa (2014), and Google Assistant (2016), tasks could be completed and organized much more efficiently. However, the degree of efficiency in these device vary as some virtual assistants could perform tasks that others cannot. Through a review of each device, we can determine which of the three devices is most worth your time and money.

Siri: Introduced in 2011 on the Iphone 4s, Siri was, at the time, the only virtual assistant of choice. What makes Siri unique from other assistants to this day is the fact that it could be accessed directly from your Iphone. This eliminates the need for testing the device before using it, while also making it easier to carry around in your pocket. Tasks that Siri can perform, according to the Apple website, include “setting alarms and timers, finding directions, searching for information online, and searching for a desired song”. Due to Siri’s ability to set reminders and search the Internet, Siri still holds up well today in the workplace, all while keeping personal information safe and secure. However, there is a specific factor that makes Siri unique from Alexa and Google Assistant:

A stated previously, Siri is a virtual assistant that is used straight from the iPhone, meaning, unlike Alexa and Google Assistant, Siri can connect with calls and apps on your iPhone. This factor grants Siri unique tasks such as calling specific people, tracing certain numbers, reading incoming messages, and using FaceTime-the last of which has been growing in popularity since the pandemic. Alexa and Google Assistant would have trouble conducting these tasks since they are used separate from the iPhone. In this way, it is safe to consider Siri the cheapest virtual assistant as well as the one with the best form factor.

Overall, Siri is definitely a reliable assistant in business and at home. With the advent of Smart Homes, Siri is only improving, now being able to perform tasks such as “turning the lights on and off, turning on the radiator, and even recognizing the specific voice of family members”, according to the Apple website. Whatever task is needed, you can always rely on Siri, straight from your Apple device.

Alexa: Founded in 2014, Alexa is used predominantly for entertainment features such as music and sound quality. Through features such as Alexa Guard, Alexa can notify suspicious sounds such as glass breaking and the smoke alarm going off. Other features, according to the Amazon website, include Big-Sky, which “provides hyper local forecasts based on your street address, thus providing accurate, up-to-the-minute, weather information”. This feature is quite unique from other devices because, while other assistants determine weather in terms of days, Alexa determines weather in terms of minutes, so it’s highly unlike that the weather will be inaccurate.

Other skills that make Alexa unique from Siri and Google Assistant include being able to manage your credit card using the Amex Alexa Skill. Amex is an app that let’s the user view their account balance and charges. On command, Alexa can perform tasks such as “checking account balances, making a payment, and reviewing charges”, according to the Amazon website. Therefore, Alexa is arguably the most helpful assistant in terms of business finance. Other general skills that Amazon lists include “finding specific locations, scheduling meetings, and getting information on news and other questions.”

In terms of fun and entertainment, which is something desired these days, Alexa excels the most in this field. Alexa is able to stream music using a variety of websites such as Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM, and IHeartRadio, which, according to reporter Kate Kuzuck, “grants Alexa the widest selection of music available out of [the three virtual assistants]”. Using the music, Amazon expresses features including “requesting a specific song or music genre, creating playlists, and combing categories such as ’80s music for running'”. In addition to music, Alexa can also be used to play games such as Rock Paper Scissors, and Tic-Tac-Toe. It can even connect with your television to turn on and off the television, find specific channels, and pause the TV show.

We can list many more entertainment features that Alexa provides, but we would be here all day! In general, though, Alexa is superior in both business finance and simply having fun. Like Siri, Alexa continues to improve with new technology, such as staring the Smart Car and turning the lights in a Smart Home on and off. Alexa can also schedule meetings and give accurate weather reports, which Siri cannot do. Therefore, Alexa is an improving virtual assistant that will only continue to improve in the future.

Google Assistant: Created in 2016, Google Assistant covers a wide variety of tasks and then some. Features of Google Assistant, as stated in the previous devices, include setting alarms and timers, finding directions, searching for information online, searching for specific songs, and scheduling meetings. But here are further aspects of Google Assistant that provide a completely different experience from the former two mentioned assistants:

Google Assistant can not only schedule tasks, but it schedule tasks in a specific amount of time. For example, if somebody says, “Turn off the lights in 10 minutes”, Google Assistant has the ability to not only turn off the lights, but wait 10 minutes to do-a feature that Siri and Alexa have yet to perform. Other features of Google Assistant , according to the Microsoft website, include “an interface with self explanatory tips for even the most out-of-touch adults in the technology world.” For example, there are numerous apps that are organized very neatly amongst the device. These apps can connect to various sets of speakers around the house with easy controls to each speaker.

In terms of business and the workplace, Google Assistant is no slacker as it can set even the most specific reminders such as “Time to stretch” or “Time to take a coffee break”. Through built in calculation devices such as “Z Tables” and “T Tables”, Google Assistant can also compute statistical business calculations in a matter of seconds. It also presents the stocks of your business, so that the company knows which aspect to improve on. Managing business has never been this easy!

The only deficit Google Assistant has over the other two virtual assistants is its form factor. Google Assitant is by far the bulkiest assistant, weighing in at almost 2 pounds, as compared to Siri and Alexa, which do not even weigh a pound. It is also more fragile and larger in diameter, but is the cumbersome nature worth it; we would say so.

With all things considered, which is the best virtual assistant; Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant? While everybody has their own business needs and desires, we would have to go with Google Assistant. It not only performs all of the tasks that Siri and Alexa perform, but it enhances them through a user friendly interface and features that improve overall efficiency. Regardless of which assistant is available, however, each one excels at specific needs, so be sure to choose the one that is most beneficial to your current circumstances. It may just save your entire business one day.

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