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President Donald J. Trump has been a rather controversial President among American society. Some Americans assert he was one of the greatest and most important Presidents in the history of the United States and are upset to see him leave the White House. Many Americans, however, are eager and excited to see Biden take office and much of Hollywood is no exception. Here are just a few celebrities who are bidding Trump good riddance, according to their tweets.

John Legend: This singer and songwriter has been known as one of the greatest political activists in America. He has hosted numerous fundings for events such as repealing the Muslim Ban, rejoining the Paris Climate agreement, protecting DACA, and ending building Trump’s border wall. All of these events have been preserved within 24 hours of the Biden Administration which, Legend asserts, “you would never see Trump act so cajolingly”. When Trump left office, Legend’s tweet was simple, but effective: “It’s a new day”.

Loni Love: This former comedian has been known for her acting in movies such as “Soul Plane” and “Mall Cop 2”. However, she has recently expressed her activism by publishing a book entitled “I Tried to Change So You Don’t Have To”. During Biden’s inauguration, Love commented on Biden’s respect before taking a jab at Trump: “Joe Biden and Dr. Biden waited 20 minutes for Trump to finish his cereminy…they let him have his moment. That is class…the reality show is over”.

Jennifer Lopez: This singer has been making her presence known, not only through the New Years celebration 2021, but also through Biden’s inauguration. After pop singer Lady Gaga had performed her rendition of the National Anthem, Jennifer Lopez had sung her rendition of “This Land is Your Land”, hoping it would “include all immigrants, especially as Biden has lifted the Muslim ban”. She then took to Twitter saying “Thank you so much for my GlamFam. Let’s get loud…for our next President and Vice President of the United States”.

Stephen King: This author has been known for his mystery and horror novels such as “It” and “The Shining”. In 2017, he had joked about Trump’s inauguration, saying it was “the biggest horror story we got”. His reaction to Trump leaving office is quite similar: “Donald, your’e fired. Don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you on the way out.”

John Cusack: Known for his acting in movies such as “High Fidelity” and “Say Anything”, this man is also a political activist. After all, he is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, showing support for the Black Lives Matter movement and urging people to vote Trump out of office in 2020. His tweet provided a vivid description of Biden’s inauguration: “Trump lying his way into the sunset-pretending he worked hard-not admitting to the big lie-leaving the putrid lying criminal as he came in-Fly away, criminal…Trump leaves a country in ruins-Trump flies away-the countries’ headache and soul sickness start to fall away”.

George Takei: Seems like the USS Enterprise isn’t the only thing “flying away” from us. This actor, known for his roles in the Star Trek series, discussed his childhood in Japanese internment camps, expressing his activism ever since. Being the activist and humorist he is, his reaction to Trump leaving office was quite amusing: “Watching Trump leave this morning, I did have one regret; I really wanted to see him dragged out by Secret Service”.

We are unsure how Biden will handle his term(s) in office, especially with systemic racism and the raging COVID-19 plaguing America. But Trump departing from the White House have left a sense of confidence in these and many other celebrities. As Biden tweets as he takes office, “Now the real work begins. Follow along as we build back better”.

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