Mystic Pizza (1988) – Time To Complain About A Thirty Year Old Movie

Alright, Mystic Pizza (1988), its about three girls who work in a pizza place and the movie helped launch the careers of Julia Roberts and Vincent D’Onofrio and is Matt Damon’s first movie. But, that’s not what I want to complain about. I want to complain about the main character’s work outfits.

The name of the movie is Mystic Pizza. The name of the pizza place they work at is called Mystic Pizza. So, why do the shirts they were at their jobs say “Slice of Heaven”? It should say the name of the restaurant! Right? It should say Mystic Pizza! But, no! It says “Slice of Heaven”!

It annoyed me so much that in the middle of the movie I started typing this! And… oh… I am seeing now in the movie that it does say Mystic Pizza on the back of their shirts… but still. The movie doesn’t show their backs often, so its still annoying and weird. But… I probably should’ve finished the movie before typing this… I just got really fired up. And I can’t really be bothered to erase all this… So… this was kind of a waste of everyone’s time huh? Wasted my time writing this, wasted your time reading it. This is net loss to be sure. Um… Bye… I guess…

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