Toronto-based musician Elko creates an ode to letting go of negativity with “QUIT,” a collaboration with LiL Lotus that’s their first release of the year. Elko and Lotus take turns saying goodbye to toxic people over a growling instrumental produced by fellow Toronto artist Caleb Jacob and Colin Munroe, the latter of whom also worked with Elko on their debut album, 2020’s Love Was The Reason.

On the surface, the song feels like the final nail in the coffin for the crumbling relationship that inspired Love Was The Reason, seemingly detailing miscommunication and standing up against a girl with ill intentions. However, after a few listens, it becomes apparent that this isn’t just another breakup song – it’s especially noticeable through the cathartic chorus, which repeats, “I just wanna let it go and quit.”

“I didn’t write ‘QUIT’ about a specific relationship, but more so something that would underlie most of my relationships,” Elko exclusively told TREMG. “Toxic relationships [where someone] won’t hear you out or believe what you say. And then the ‘quit’ part is letting go of that stuff and disassociating from that energy. I realized how much damage it did to my life once I removed myself from the situation and had my own personal space to think.”

The song garnered over 20,000 streams the weekend of its release and even earned Elko a feature on Spotify’s New Music Friday Canada playlist. It’s clear they’re moving into a new era of their career, away from the lo-fi tones and conflicting mindsets of their previous work and towards more upfront, unapologetic confidence. 

You can stream “QUIT” by Elko on your favorite streaming service now!

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