Before Sunset (2004) is a sequel to the film Before Sunrise (1995), where nine years after spending a night together in Vienna, an American man and French woman once again run into each other.

This movie is fascinating, structurally. There is no villain. There is no action. It is just a conversation between two people about life while there is a ticking clock of when the man has to leave to catch a plane. The movie is made or braked by the chemistry between the two actors.

What’s even more fascinating is the movie takes place in real time. There is no jumps in time. There is no “lets go get coffee” and then a cut and they’re in the coffee place. We watch as they walk to the café, as they enter, as they sit down, as they order. We see it all. All as they have a conversation. Its a fascinating movie. Sure, at some points the conversation that they have leans into being a bit pretentious, but over all the structure of the movie is so fascinating and ambitious that I can forgive and look past it.

If this type of experimental film interest you, I highly suggest checking it out.

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