Hot Stew by Fiona Mozley

Taking place in London both Precious and Tabitha weren’t expecting their home in The Soho to be completely changed. The building that they call home, the brothel that men like Robert enjoy is now in danger. Agatha, a billionaire wants to kick the women out to build a luxury facility filled with expensive restaurants. These women have no where else to go and they aren’t going to comply easily. They plan to make Agatha struggle with her dream. A novel about women and ownership of property. With an intelligent and humorous way of explaining serious social issues that regard women.

Sunny Song Will Never be Famous by Suzanne Park

Sunny Song’s goals are to get Rafael Kim to be her boyfriend, reach 100k followers and to have the greatest last high school summer. But unfortunately her goals don’t go quite as planned. She didn’t know that she’d accidentally film a PG-13 cooking video that goes viral, she didn’t expect to be going to a digital detox farm camp in Iowa for a month, not to mention there is no Wi-Fi out here for her to grow her social media platform.

But with new friendships and a cute farm boy she has her eye on, she will soon discover that the connections she makes when she is disconnected from the online world.

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