Gluten-Free Pizza Crust – No knead and perfect every time!

Nobody will pass up an opportunity to eat pizza, let alone when the pizza is on the house. Regardless of the brand being served, pizza is an Italian favorite that always seems to come out scrumptious. Papa Al’s Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria, for example, is offering a free slice of leftover pizza, and here’s how to win it.

On Monday, after a slower business day than usual at Papa Al’s pizzeria, the restaurant announced on Facebook that it had a decent number of slices left over. Rather than wasting them, however, the business chose to give away the pizza and garlic knots for free. Within one hour, the restaurant was sold out of food. “About 14 people came in, about 4 slices to each, so we sold about 56 slices”, says the restaurant manager Sam Caban. “They were gone within 50 minutes; it was a hit”.

After this event, Caban has announced that the business will conduct this event occasionally from now on. “We were happy doing that. We hate to throw everything away at the end of the night, so instead of dumping it, we try to find a place where it can go. It’s something we will continue to do when we have a good amount of food left over”.

Caban said that customers may call 610-824-7164 or follow the company on Facebook for daily specials that are posted and, hopefully, be one of the lucky customers to win a free slice or entire pizza. “We work very diligently on our dishes and dining room”, Caban says. “We are waiting on several items to come in such as original menus, refrigerated dessert case, patio furniture, some things we want to touch up in the dining room before we open”.

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