What Happened to Trump? The Astrological Answer

There are incredible astrological placements that fully show the actions surrounding the former President’s exit from the White House. The dates and themes involved show a clear-cut representation from the Heavens which makes astrology, as an accurate art, difficult to deny.

moon eclipse
Solar Eclipse
Jongsun Lee, Unsplash

Yes, there’s always more happening and new things to discuss. But sometimes, the best proof for an astrologer is to look back and see how the planets aligned on important days and reflect on how things turned out. It can be difficult to see the forest for the trees when feverish beliefs are at play within the human zeitgeist, clouding our ability to see things clearly. However, in retrospect, the archetypes of the planets become far more noticeable as time passes. And when we view the progression of our lives with a bird’s eye view, it all becomes so seemingly well-orchestrated that it makes you sense an odd force guiding things. It’s creepy.

I want to start with the eclipse in December. This has a layered set of significances which are important in various ways. And this is common within astrology, to have layered meanings sewn into what at first appears superficial. All of life is just expressions of different symbols. There are a limited number of ways that things can manifest in a 3D reality, and Jungian “archetypes” are central to understanding what those are.

To start off, I want to point to the fifteenth of the month when Sun and Moon aligned as a solar eclipse at 23 degrees of Sagittarius. This was within 24 hours of when the electors’ ballots were due to be certified on December 14th. That’s less than a day. This is a huge factor I will lean on in the coming paragraphs. The timing is important, as this is what sets the stage between fate or coincidence.

I have mentioned previously that eclipses have long been associated with the cycle of political leaders throughout history, and this is just another piece of evidence supporting that long tradition of claims. Emperors and kings have long feared the eclipse as a herald of their doom, so much so that assassination plots were known to be carried out around them in order to deceive or to ensure the killer’s success.

NASA/JPL, Wikicommons

But if you thought that was a strange coincidence, what comes next is even more shocking: The eclipse was in a near exact opposition with Donald Trump’s natal Sun. This is a serious planetary transit that would stand as a marker of tumult in anyone’s life; one that shows extreme stress. The Sun is our vitality, our authentic self, and our ego. It is the purest representation of the subjective “I” which exists in the birth chart. To be attacked here by such a strong transit is a surefire way to guarantee massive upheaval in a person’s life.

In astrology, as mentioned in previous articles, the “opposition” is one of five major aspects, each having a specific meaning. In this case, the opposition is self-explanatory. It is the symbol of opposition, and Trump had plenty of that in his final days of his office. It signals a time of battles, severe changes, and usurpation. Someone often comes along to knock you off your pedestal. This is a karmic action, which means energy that is carried over from a previous life needs to be balanced. It is not a measurement of good or bad.

And if that is not enough, this same eclipse was in tight conjunction with Donald Trump’s natal Moon. It is already a life-changing transit when an eclipse opposes our Sun. But to have it sit on top of our Moon placement is every bit as disturbing, maybe even more so. By itself, an eclipse conjunct the natal Moon shows emotional vulnerability. It is a time when we feel threatened, open to attack, bare, and often shows a time of changing residence. And it is this last association which is particularly interesting for our purposes, as it is well known that mere weeks later, former President Trump indeed had to move out of his home at the White House.

architectural photography of white house
The White House
Rene DeAnde, Unsplash

While the Sun rules our egoic selves, the Moon rules over our emotions, women, and the home. And with the eclipse falling at such a degree, it affected Trump at two sensitive points at the same time. This would be devastating to anyone who experienced it. And when you look at the events surrouding that date, you find many strange “coincidences.” And there are more.

Trump also has “Sun conjunct Uranus” in his birth chart. This means that, as the eclipse opposed his Sun, it also opposed his Uranus. And this transit is no picnic either. Uranus is the weirdo, the liberator (for good or ill), the outsider, the misfit. And it is exactly this that one would be feeling as the eclipse opposed your natal Uranus. This lets us know just how much we’re an outsider, makes us feel isolated, and shows us who our friends really are. Which, at that moment, may not be that many. We are not in the clique anymore. We are also “shocked,” because Uranus rules over this sensation in astrology. So, to be sure, Trump was absolutely floored when the news of this came down. He had been certain of one outcome, and was exposed to another.

In an earlier article titled, “The Astrology of the 2020 Election,” I made special effort to set the scene of “Jupiter conjunct Saturn,” otherwise known as “The Great Conjunction,” or “The Christmas Star.” This is a special astronomical occurrence which only comes together once in 20 years. But in 2020, another unique trait graced us mortals, and that is the start of a cycle which hasn’t happened in 800 years: the Great Conjunction formed within Aquarius, which is an air sign. This has implications for everyone, as it is a general changing of energy that prevails, and will stay relevant for centuries to come.

statue on topless man
Laocoon, Vatican City
Francisco Ghisletti, Unsplash

It is this Great Conjunction that happened on December 20th, just a few short days after the certification of the elector’s ballots. And again, the Great Conjunction is also associated with the rising and falling of empires, and the waxing and waning of kings. To the astrologer’s eye, this is no happenstance, but fate in plain sight for all to see.

Eclipses are slow-burn transits. Yes, they often preside over shocking events in our lives. But, they have consequences. And they develop gradually, like a Polaroid picture. It takes months, and sometimes years, for everything to unfold. It is obvious that what happened in American politics during the 2020 election season is not over yet. There are serious issues that must be addressed. But if the astrology is anything to go by, it is that there is something underpinning the organization of our mundane workings. The Gods in fact do not appear to play with dice when it comes to this cosmic drama. And if there is one thing I’m sure of, it is that none of this was by chance.

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