The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue by V.E. Schwab

The concept of the book sounded interesting, but once I started reading it didn’t hold my attention for very long. Usually I try to give the book a few chapters in before I discard it. I found the story boring. Schwab does a good job of world building, but the characters themselves were dull and lacked any depth. The read more like a memoir, which I don’t care for reading.

Addie was a dull character. I found her to be conceited and full of herself. She talked about wanting her freedom and being in charge of her destiny, but once she got it she was horrified. I get that she made a deal with a god after dark, but it was her choice and she didn’t make her intensions clear. Luc, the god, made it clear what his intensions were and never lied even though he did use trickery to make her concede defeat. Addie didn’t fully understand her predicament even aft 300 years. She foolishly thought that Luc was watching her ever move or that he did understand her or his own feelings. She kept underestimating him at ever turn. When it came to her own deal and others, she called them a mistake; like the other people didn’t know what they were doing.

Henry was dull, but he understood what his deal entailed and was ready to make his sacrifice. Even though he was drunk when he first made his deal, Henry was ready to make his peace after a year. I found him more mature than Addie, when she had 300 years to come to terms with hers. It was disappointing that the only reason that Henry remembered her was because he also made a deal with Luc.

Out of all the main characters, Luc has got to be the most developed. He was straight forward with everything he did and always told Addie upfront about her deal with him. Even though most of the time he was a jerk I believe he did eventually develop feelings for Addie. She didn’t believe he was capable of love only because she saw him do is job and couldn’t take it.

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