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Whether you are a fan of football or not, there are many ways the Super Bowl provides enjoyment for all viewers. Some watch it for the commercials, while others place bets on certain teams. Others, however, solely look forward to the foods being served. Therefore, for those foodies out there, Draftkings Nation has taken polls of millions of Americans who voted for their favorite Super Bowl foods and here is the ranking:

10. Pizza: According to Richard Allison Jr., the CEO of Dominos pizza, Super Bowl is the busiest weekend of the year “with around 2 million pizzas sold-that’s about 30% more than on a normal Sunday”. Perhaps it is because people are so enthralled in the game that they simply do not want to cook dinner-which the same could be said about the other entries are the list. Besides, the combination of the crust, melted cheese, and sauce just waters in your mouth, so its no wonder its a Super Bowl favorite.

9. Sandwich Ring: Its odd that sandwich rings are only bought during special occasions throughout the year, but it doesn’t change their taste. Sandwich rings could be bought in different ways such as ham, salami, or even tuna, and they always seems to come out scrumptious. Maybe its the type of bread or the cold cuts being served, but we won’t overthink this

8. Fried Pickles: This phrase seems like an oxymoron. The word “fried” and “pickle” just wouldn’t seem to go together at first thought. However, if dipped in a certain batter and heated to a crisp, they are tastier than you think-at least, that’s what football fans seem to claim. Zeppoles and Fried Oreos have made themselves known through their fried, crunchy nature, so we could only imagine how crunchy a fried pickle would taste. Just don’t crack your teeth eating one!

7. Cookie Cake: Chocolate chip cookies are delicious enough as they stand. But, add to that a bigger sized cookie and frosting on the inside and outside and you have a dessert that will please even the pickiest of eaters. For Super Bowl LV, many bakeries such as Sweet Sam’s and Golden Glow are making football shaped cookie cakes, so as to increase the festivity of the event. Regardless of the shape, however, we could never go wrong with a cookie cake.

6. Chips: While they may not be the most desired Super Bowl snack, chips are certainly the most purchased snack. According to reporter Caterina Andreano, “America plans to spend almost $2 billion on chips in total”. This may be due to the fact that no American can settle with just one chip. There is also a heavy variety of chips such as Doritos, Lays, and Tostitos, so everybody is satisfied. Whether served with dip or not, people will always find a way to return to the snack table during commercial breaks or between plays.

5. Nachos: Nachos differ from ordinary chips as their size makes them sufficient for a meal, not simply a snack. Nachos are most commonly served with melted cheese, but they could also be served with guacamole or salsa. According to food reviewer Lindsay Funston, other popular toppings include “meat, olives, sour cream, and lettuce”. Unlike chips, there is no limit to how to prepare your nachos for the big day.

4. Hamburgers/Sliders: Burgers, no matter what size, are always an American favorite. This year, Los Angeles is offering numerous burger bars where people can create a custom hamburger for one or many people. Thankfully, unlike chips, people seem to limit their appetite when it comes to burgers, but it doesn’t stop them from being the fourth most desired food for Super Bowl Sunday.

3. Fried Chicken: Similar to fried pickles, the glory of fried foods makes itself shine on Super Bowl Sunday. The crispy skin combined with the juicy meat and the right amount of spice is a taste sensation. This year, Tampa Bay is hosting the Super Bowl, so Publix fried chicken will likely be the main hub of ordering fried chicken this year. Nonetheless, we can’t help but thank Colonial Sanders for the gift of this dish.

2. Buffalo Chicken: Buffalo chicken, especially when served in dressing, provide the perfect balance of spicy and creamy. According to, the most popular dip for buffalo chicken in blue cheese dressing as its spicy kick goes with the chicken very well. Buffalo chicken is a Super Bowl Sunday staple, but there is one food that surpasses this, according to the American people.

  1. Buffalo Wings: The results are in; as of Super Bowl LV, Buffalo Wings are the most heavily desired Super Bowl snack. Buffalo Wings differ from buffalo chicken in that it could be served baked, fried, or boneless. It is also much easier to dip into dressings, which is only a plus. According to reporter Tracy Porpora, “1.4 billion wings are consumed during Super Bowl weekend”. They are spicy, exciting, and only pump you up for the game. So, grab some dressing and a napkin, and enjoy!

Even if Super Bowl parties may seem different in 2021, the snacks and festivities have not changed, giving the most sedentary Americans something to look forward to during Super Bowl LV. Everybody loves to eat and perhaps watching the game may have been worth it after all. Have a great Super Bowl weekend and dig in!

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