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Her face cracks with the smile that has been painted there.

Her heart shatters with each promise broken

 Her eyes dim with each flicker of hope that fades

Her days grow greyer with a heavy heart

 Burdened from the storm of her life

 She tries so hard to continue on the path

To find hope and strength within herself

She searches

She is lost

Lost in a forest of her emotions

Tangled in their braches

Choking in their grip

She struggles to break free

Every time she removes one branch

Two more take their place

The sun peaks through

She can feel the slightest hint of its warmth

It shines on her

She pauses in the warm light that it casts on her

While in this paused state the branches loosen

She feels the pressure lift from her neck

She breathes deep

She relaxes into the pain

She identifies it

Recognize it

Acknowledges it

And lets it go

The branches release her

She feels free

She wipes off the painted smile

She moves forward

No longer separating the sorrow from the joy

Allowing the two to live as one

Embracing what life has given her

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