Racism is killing Americans. Pass It On. How The Mainstream Media Missed The Mark on Reporting

Despite months of countless reporting on the surge of attacks against Asian-Americans by local and grassroots newsroom, major news conglomerates like MSNBC, CNN, and Fox News began only today reporting on the on slaughter of on the street violence directed at Thai-Americans, Vietnamese-Americans, Chinese-Americans, Japanese-Americans, and Korean-Americans. This is because the ex-President repeatedly told his followers that the virus came from Asia. This video was shared by For US Nation, a small non-profit organization working to bridge the gap between marginal groups and American life.

5 days ago Veep Harris shared a tweet related to violence.

Last night, the local news in New York City reported on increased violence on the subway even though ridership has been down since closures in place.

Please find ways to help.

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