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Since 1927, the Marriott hotel chain has satisfied numerous vacationists, tourists, and other guests. Its prevalence, convenience, and rather affordable price makes it the highest grossing income hotel chain in the world at over $1.2 billion. However, just yesterday, Marriott chief executive Arne Sorenson has sadly passed away from pancreatic cancer. According to the company, Sorenson was 62 years old and had received treatment for his pancreatic cancer, but the treatment was not delivered in time, causing his death.

Since his passing, the Marriott hotel chain has remembered the impact Sorenson had made on the company. According to Marriott employees Reuters and Graham Rapier, Sorenson “took charge in March 2012 and led the $13 billion acquisition of Starwood Hotels and Resorts in 2016, which resulted in Marriott becoming the world’s biggest hotel chain with over 1 million rooms”. Company shares have also jumped 242% since Sorenson became head of the chain.

“[Sorenson] had an uncanny ability to anticipate where the hospitality industry was headed and position Marriott for growth”, says former executive JW Marriott Jr. This may be because, according to Business Insider, Sorenson had spent 200 days a year travelling to company properties increasing the company’s value. “During his tenure as CEO, Sorenson was tireless in driving the company’s progress, creating opportunities for associate and shareholders”, says the company.

“We have never been the cheapest room in a market”, says JW Mariott Jr. “We don’t aspire to be. So how do you not be the cheapest? That’s around product quality, service, and location, and we’ll continue to do those things in remembrance of Arne Sorenson”.   

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