Man stuns social media with ‘life-changing’ iPhone hack: ‘The most helpful thing I’ve ever seen

If you’ve ever wondered how to record videos with music on an iPhone, you’re not alone.

As most iPhone users probably know, selecting your “record video” function will immediately turn off any audio you were playing. That means you can’t record anything with a song, podcast or anything else playing in the background.

For many TikTok users (and this technologically inclined writer), it seemed like this problem had no solution. That is, until Erik Tollefsrud’s video came around.

The TikToker’s life hack video, which has more than 1.5 million views, shows an easy workaround for the whole “playing music during a video” dilemma. Many users called his trick “life-changing.”

The iPhone hack is extremely simple. As Tollefsrud explains, turning on the video function will cut off your music, but the photo function will not.

So, to record videos with music on your iPhone, start by opening the camera app. Then, play whatever song or sound you want in your video.

Finally, flip back to the camera and, using the photo setting, click and hold the photo button. That will start recording videos without cutting off the music

As Tollefsrud shows, you can even slide the button to the right of your screen, which will lock it in place while the phone records.

The trick is simple, and as a result, many TikTok users said they already knew about it. Others, meanwhile, were blown away.

Enjoy ppl we found a cool new hack for you on your iphone…..

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