Stella Donnelly's Incredible Music

Lunch. The title alone makes me want to put a spoon in my phone and slurp up all the goodness of this song. But that would be rude. It deserves to be shared with the whole world. So I will keep my spoon to myself.

Three seconds into the song, I already feel a beautiful bittersweet feeling. Maybe lunch is in the past. Maybe lunch is a long ways away in the future. But it feels weirdly nice. Just like the voice before the music starts that says something about “so weird.”

This song is about the feeling of displacement when you return to someplace you love and it’s not quite the same. I listen to this song and feel stuck, but I also feel like I broke free. That’s part of Stella’s musical magic.

Where can I listen to this goodness you ask? Well how about right here.

That was amazing, Carol, but now I want a live version.

Well, here you go.

Yes, she directed the music video. Yes, she included fun subtitles. Yes, it’s a legendary song.

How would I describe Stella’s voice you ask? It’s a powerful pancake that tastes like syrupy skies, and it fills you up while also leaving you wanting more. It’s like eating salty foods, but while also drinking the most thirst-quenching water. It can make you laugh, cry, dance, and wonder. It’s magic without illusion.

“Lunch” takes us on a journey that makes us feel like we know Stella for a moment while also realizing we don’t at all. It lets me be inside a vessel where I think about my past, future, present all at once, and feel an overlying sadness and joyfulness at the same time. Thank you Stella.

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