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The idea of fashion and trends has become rather exclusive. Many people attempt to become “hip and cool” by wearing clothes that are trending, but only a select few succeed in fulfilling that goal such as fashion models and icons. So, here are some trending jean styles that have become the norm in 2020 and will likely remain this way through 2021:

Baggy Jeans: These grungy but comfortable jean trend was popularized by Instagram user stefaniexlee after posting a picture of her rocking baggy jeans and stating “I have a thing for shackets, okay?” While baggy jeans may not scream “fashion”, nobody can deny the memorable feeling of getting out of our comfort zone and experiencing life through these hefty pair of jeans. To make the outfit stand out, it is recommended to wear a flannel and white sneakers so that you feel comfortable while being noticed.

Vintage Straight Leg: The main benefit of straight leg jeans is that they grant the ability to expose one’s body and curves more, thus making your fashion style and image even more noticeable than baggy jeans. Popularized by Instagram user northclubappearal, these jeans can be worn with any outfit and they would be acceptance. In fact, it is recommended to wear simplistic clothes such as a T-shirt so that your jeans are more conspicuous. Straight Leg Jeans may be more difficult to walk around in but they certainly express both your inner and outer beauty.

Distressed Jeans: Also known as “The jeans with holes in them”, distressed jeans are the most effective for first impressions at a club or even a job interview. According to fashion reviewer and reporter Brandie Lorenzon, distressed jeans are the most popular type of jeans worn by high school and college students and they “were never out of style because they were simply revamped by budding DIYers in high school and college”. Because these jeans make you look stylish and comfortable, it is no wonder these jeans are respected by our current generation of kids and students. Even if you are unsure what to wear, you can always rely on distressed jeans to carry you through the day.

Bootcut/Flared Jeans: These comfortable but effective jean style was popularized by a German Instagram user named elleapostrph who writes “Throwback Early Fall…wearing a piece of Fred Perry’s Amy Winehouse collection”. These jeans can worn in different ways , perhaps curled up out at the knee or pulled up at the waist. The smooth nature of the bell bottoms will always expose your inner confidence and fashion.

The competition for fashion is very fierce. However, by donning these jean styles, we hope you will stand out amongst the rest of the competition. Will you wear jeans to be fashionable or just to be comfortable? The choice is yours, but we highly recommended taking part in wearing trending jeans this year. You may just become the next Cindy Crawford.

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