Christopher Reeves is the best Superman. Sorry, but that’s simply a fact. Other actors are good Superman, yes, but Reeves is the best. Why? Because he embodies both parts of the character perfectly.

I mean, just watch this clip.

Reeves is able to masterfully portray both sides of the character in a way that I don’t think we’ve seen since. As Superman, he is confident, charming, cool, and stands up straight. As Clark Kent, he’s a nervous, goofy, clumsy, nerd who slouches. As Superman, his voice is powerful and booming, while as Clark, his voice stammers and trails off at the end of sentences. Christopher Reeves was simply the best at this character, because he played both characters to perfection.

I like to point people to Christopher Reeves portrayal of the character when people joke about how silly it is that no one notices that Clark Kent looks just like Superman. And, yes, it is pretty silly. But, I’ll be damned if Reeves’ performance doesn’t make it at least plausible.

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