Here are some new books to check out, I hope you enjoy!

The Passing Playbook by Isaac Fitzsimons

Spencer Harris is a fifteen-year-old who is a big old nerd, wants to be a famous soccer player like Lionel Messi and is a great big brother, and he is transgender. When he went through transitioning in his old school it caused so much bullying. Oakley, a liberal private school in Ohio, was his new beginning. At Oakley, the classmates were friendly and the boys’ soccer team was looking opportunistic, new friends, and a possible crush with one of his soccer teammates. However, no one knows he’s transgender.

So, when the law causes Spencer’s coach to kick him off the team because it still says female on his birth certificate. Spencer must either stay quiet or fight for his spot on the team, even if it means coming out to everyone.

We are not Broken by George M. Johnson

George, Garrett, Rall and Rasul are four children raised by Nanny, their grandmother. With their devoted Nanny at the center of their lives they can never be broken. Consisting of letters to Nanny of their childhoods, including the racism, the family barbershop, loves and losses. These letters of vulnerability, sacrifice, and love showcase the life of a Black boy in America and the emotional journey of emerging to adulthood.

Small Town Monsters by Diana Rodriguez Wallach

Vera Martinez is the black sheep in her family. It’s bad enough that she is an outcast in Roaring Creek but she also lacks her parents’ abilities of being demonologists.

Maxwell Oliver is annoyed when instead of enjoying his summer before senior year, he will be taking care of his little sister while his Mom becomes distant. But soon he realizes that whatever his Mom is becoming is far from distant, but eerie.

When Maxwell and Vera come together, they will learn about the disturbing stories of death worship, demonic works, and evils that can drive a person.

Smoke by Darcy Woods

What lengths would you go to save someone you love, your family? For Sixteen-year-old Honor Augustine she didn’t know marijuana would be the answer. She is an academic all-star and dedicates her all to her PTSD-afflicted father. Keeping this image is what keeps Honor sane and in control. But when her father’s VA benefits are almost dry, including a bank letter threatening the family’s greenhouse business, Honor must find a solution. Who knew a quote from Frost, “Nature’s first green is gold” would open up to an idea that can help her father. Marijuana can save her father’s demons, and everyone.

Tiny Dancers by Siena Cherson Siegel, Illustrations by Mark Siegel

A follow up graphic memoir from her previous work To Dance.

Siena has dreamed of becoming a ballerina. Her love and dedication have brought her an opportunity at the School of American Ballet. Siena hopes to become a member of George Balanchine’s world-famous New York City Ballet company. For many years Siena has worked hard to get to where she is, but doubt and injures occur, causing concern.

The possibility of leaving the ballet world behind seems impossible for Siena. Her entire identity has been shaped around the world of dance, could she really go beyond that? This beautifully drawn memoir explains the struggle of a dancer and her potential next step into the world.

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