Ocean’s 11 (2001) – Insanely Rewatchable

Maybe its just me. But, I find this 2001 heist film, staring George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Bernie Mac, and many more, to be insanely rewatchable.

If you’ve never seen the movie, it is about eleven guys working together to rob three different casinos in Las Vegas in one night. The movie is structured like a mystery, where the audience, and even a few members in the crew, are completely left in the dark in terms of what the heist plan is. So, part of the fun of the movie is trying to guess what the plan is. To try to see if you can figure it out before the movie tells you itself. Now, I hear you asking, “Surly that is true for the first viewing but doesn’t the fun go away on the next viewing, since you know what happens?” And to that I say, not for me.

Maybe, I’m just stupid. And that is a real possibility. But, the heist plan is so convoluted and absurd (in a fun way) that by the time I come back for a new viewing, I’ve forgotten how they manage to pull of the heist. So, I get the unique experience of watching it for the first time all over again. But, that might just be me.

Also, even if I remembered the film perfectly before each viewing, it’d still be insanely rewatchable because of the cast. Their chemistry is absolutely intoxicating throughout the entire film. You can just tell they are all having fun hanging out. So, I have fun watching. But, again, that might just be me.

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