How ‘Everskies’ Has Taken Over Social Media

November 27, 2020, a video uploaded to viral social media app Tik Tok sent a certain demographic of teenagers into a frenzy over the online game. Everskies is a virtual desktop site directed at young adults, offering a safe space to explore creativity, and imaginative expression through an online presence. The sudden uptake in popularity through Tik Tok questions the power its online community holds, how these online games are comparable to other online sites including Virtual Popstar and WoozWorld, and what nostalgic value truly means. 

A view of the forums that attract many users.

Users have the opportunity to upload personal magazines, drawn clothing customizable to avatars, and conversational thoughts and ideas to the different clubs and forums available on the homepage. Created early 2020, by a user unknown, the game has attracted a few thousand players. On average having roughly 5000 users online at a time, increasing from a pitiful 3 as of November 2nd. Many mourn the loss of the tight-knit community that comes with such a small number of users, the arrival of new users dragging hackers and ‘trolls’ with them. One particular user under the pseudonym ‘Fartlol123’ (do not underestimate their power over this game) was at large to blame for the inflation of the Everskies currency, and one of the main reasons for the (unsuccessful) restart/update as of January 23rd. The launch was meant to be the supposed end to the inflation problem, and while it did end a lot of it, it also stole a lot of the fun of the game. Many argue the appeal of the game arrives with the unrealistic currency, the real-life dread of cost not being a worry. The increase in Everskies users can be linked to the nostalgia effect, the site being much like childhood games the games current demographic grew up on. Much like Virtual Popstar and Woozworld, users are given a certain currency to buy and form their own wardrobe. With that, they can enter competitions, chat with other users, and other such things. 

One avatar created on the site.

Additionally, the site is an outlet perfect for teenagers and young adults, specifically females. Many parents and observers commented on the provocativeness of the clothing- is this appropriate for young women? The answer is yes. To give girls a place to properly express themselves without the fear of rejection from family members or the outside world, might be the safe thing they need. People have the option to experiment and speak through words too, forums offering that opportunity. Discussions of politics, sexuality, religion, and other such matters scatter themselves throughout the game. 

As of early 2020, the site had one moderator, and it didn’t need anymore. Roughly ten people would explore the page daily, hard to believe now with around 5000 users in early March 2021. The sudden uptake calls attention to the intense power Tik Tok has, the new generation of teenagers and young adults scattered throughout the median. A powerful algorithm aids the power generation, it takes just one day for Everskies to skyrocket a 16000% increase (shocking, but true.) To predict, Tik Tok will only continue its gain in popularity, knocking trends and popularity on its side.

Here is a link to the site.

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