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Sometimes I get lost

I forget things

I am forgotten

Sometimes I can’t remember the day

Or night

Or week, month, year

Sometimes I’m a mess


A disaster waiting to happen

To someone else of course

I’ve already happened to myself

Sometimes I can’t concentrate


Consume my life

Cats, kids, husband

One thing after another

Everything needs my immediate attention

Pulled this way and that

Stretched so thin I might just tear

Sometimes I want to run

My dirty little secret

I want to escape this world I created

Sometimes I can see myself

Driving far away

The wind in my hair

No one calls my name

Sometimes I cry

Not often

Not a lot

A tear or two

To remind me I’m human

Sometimes I crave the stress

The chaos

The shenanigans

Sometimes I love my life

And everything in it

I embrace it

Sometimes I’m a hero

A rockstar

A best friend

Sometimes I’m just me

And that’s ok too

It’s just that sometimes

Seems like all the time

But only sometimes

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