(Photo by Guilherme Souza Campos)

Meet me in the ether
where the fog lies heavy like a blanket
clutched by the fingers of the earth,
where spirit moves on the face of the deep,
beckoning to languid lovers,
passions ebbing and flowing
in rhythm with the cosmos.

Meet me in the ether
where all time is now, all places, here.
Stand with me, face to face,
hand to hand, eye to eye,
to touch and to be touched,
to see and to be seen,
to know and to be known.

Meet me in the ether
where mystery reigns,
yet all is revealed
in that silent state of knowing—
the communion of souls intertwined,
drunk on the wine
from the vineyard of oneness.

Meet me in the ether.
Carouse with me in the temple of ecstasy,
where spirit weds flesh,
giving rise to soul symphonies
played out in the space in between,
where all things exist in a grand suspension—
for you to meet me
in the ether.

(Originally published in “The Local Voice”, Oxford, MS. thelocalvoice.net)

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