Everyone’s favorite little bartender seems to have a knack for staying in the news. In this installment, I’m going to look at some of the reasons why. I will also be delving into her personality. So, buckle up, she’s… complicated.

AOC, in case you were confused.

Do you ever wonder how some people seem to get pushed into the spotlight, even when they may not deserve it? There are countless examples of this; folks that, despite not being terribly bright, or beautiful, or talented, or whatever qualification we tend to judge others on, were born to be famous.

Well, wonder no more. This is a thing, and yes, the Heavens do choose some people for these roles. No, it is not based on any sort of merit you or I would consider to be normal. This is because traits like this are considered “karmic” in nature. This is the repayment of a kind of spiritual “debt.” And no, it is not all sugar and spice, either. Try to remember that famous people are just ordinary people like everyone else, and there are significant drawbacks to fame.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, otherwise known in the real world as “Sandy Cortez,” has become well acquainted with The Fates over the last few years, being thrust into the national spotlight seemingly overnight. Some of her time has been hailed with copious praise, while others find her to be sorely lacking in experience. Let’s take a look under the hood.

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Let’s start with the bad news: AOC has an aspect which immediately stands out to any astrologer worth their salt. It is a very volatile set of angles called a “Grand Cross.” Astronomically, this is having four (or more) planets arranged in such a way as to construct two 180 degree oppositions forming a giant X or “cross” figure in the natal chart. This formation also creates four “square” angles as well as each point of the cross is in a 90 degree angle to the other points. And to put it mildly, this is a dynamic set of aspects. There is a seat of ever-present tension inside the world of Sandy Cortez. But what exactly is it about?

Representative Cortez’s first “house,” the house of the self, is chocked full of planets which gives it extra emphasis. Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, is sitting on top of Saturn, the planet of stability. This means that her actions and identity are that of “dissolving” or confusion over structure and authority. But this conjunction forms the first opposition of her Grand Cross, directly opposing Jupiter, the planet of expansion. And Jupiter is sitting in the seventh house, the house of relationships and open enemies. All this means that Cortez’s desire to dissolve authority is met by the expansion of her relationships, both good and bad. This is obviously very true.

Next is Mercury and Mars in conjunction on the “Midheaven.” This is the planet of communication and war fusing together at the point where we are most visible, the Midheaven or MC. This point represents the public, and our career. It’s plain to see that AOC has a fiery mouth, and when she speaks people listen. This is well represented here also. So far so good, very clear cut.

But Mercury and Mars are also forming an opposition to AOC’s Moon, which lands exactly on her Imum Coeli, or IC. This point is our home, our ancestry, our subconscious. In fact, this shows something many took notice of as Cortez has expressed some hesitance in continuing her job as Congresswoman. This is because her Moon, her feelings, are truly at home. It is of no surprise that she also has strong feelings for her ancestry and Latin roots which is, again, another expression of Moon conjunct IC. Everybody still with me?

But here’s the real kicker: all of these planets are also in those aforementioned squares to each other, making the subject very complex. It is a bit as if Ms. Cortez is being pulled in four directions at once. Her desire to redefine herself and authority, her feelings at home, her aggressive speech and actions in the public, and her one-to-one relationships being very exaggerated and overwhelming; all are in a kind of war with each other on top of each being separately challenging. And this is by no means an exhaustive list of her total aspects.

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So, we have her Mercury and Mars also in a square to her desire to dissolve authority, Saturn and Neptune. This takes an obvious manifestation of her rhetoric often creating her own problems. She doesn’t put her mouth in gear before spouting off on Twitter. All of this does not include the fact that her Sun is also sitting close to Mars, forming a conjunction. This is a classic “warrior” type personality. Add it all together and you have one really active person. So, if you have ever asked yourself whether Alexandria Cotez is angry or not, the answer is absolutely yes. There is not a much time she spends in a calm manner.

And Mercury and Mars also square Jupiter. This has the direct effect of blowing up everything I have already described. If you imagine the most bombastic person possible, you’re getting close. It is no wonder she was a constant sparring partner of Donald Trump; they’re not all that different.

Yet, we also have her Moon in a square to Saturn and Neptune. Where the Moon touches Saturn causes her emotions to be restricted. It may also signal depression. Where Neptune comes into play, it makes her quite sensitive, possibly too sensitive. Moon square Neptune can also create emotional delusions or deceptive behavior. Both of these aspects make her emotional life difficult at best. But Cortez also has Moon square Jupiter and as with all things Jupiterian, it exaggerates, amplifying all emotions she feels and making the prior interpretation even stronger.

And the final aspect I will cover is Jupiter square MC and Mercury/Mars. As Sandy’s Mercury and Mars conjunct the MC, this already gives some karmic weight to being “predestined” to be famous. But this alone would not guarantee it. However, with Jupiter involved you can make a pretty safe bet. As with many other celebrities, Jupiter is often the deciding factor of those with fame or infamy. Mars square Jupiter makes our actions larger than life. When you add the point of public perception, you get a public persona that is larger than life.

But notice, none of this has anything to do with talent or merit. Maybe she’s the best congresswoman, but maybe she is the worst. I don’t know. But what I do know, is that it’s very obvious from her astrology that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was meant to be exactly where she’s at.

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Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
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