Turkish Architecture Firm Develops Floating, Eco-friendly Five Star Hotel

hayri atak envisions a huge floating hotel off the coast of qatar

It seems America is not the only country desiring to make advancements in the field of climate change. Just last week, the Turkish Architecture firm “Hayri Atak” has declared an artistic rendering of a five-star floating hotel built upon the waters of Qatar. The hotel is tentatively consisting of 152 rooms that span over 376,000 square feet of space.

What makes this five star hotel unique, however, is that according to architect Kubra Turk, “The hotel will be electricity powered by rotating over the Qatar.” Everything from the power in the hotel to the heat of the hot tub will be powered solely with renewable electricity, so as not to create further carbon emissions. The problem, according to Turk, is that “the rotation will not produce all of the energy it needs. The electricity generated will depend on where the hotel is specifically located and the water current there”.

Parts of the blueprint for the hotel include rainwater collectors and water purification systems for obtaining water from the sea it is built upon rather than reservoirs to conserve water. There are also 55 wind turbines that serve as both electricity generators and umbrellas for guests to stay cool under. There will also be a system for using food waste as fertilizer for landscaping and treating wastewater in an eco-friendly fashion, according to the plans.

“No exact location is out of the question”, says Turk. “Because if the project can move, it has the potential to be positioned in any area if the required flow is provided”. Therefore, to maintain its stationary nature, the firm plans to use a computer controlled system called dynamic positioning which uses electricity to maintain a ship’s positioning on the water. Still, the hotel will be easily accessible to guests as they can travel by either a boat, helicopter, or a 140 foot pier that extends to the shore.

The features of the hotel are similar to other 5 star hotels: an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, a spa, a gym, a mini golf course, and other activity areas. According to the design plans, the lobby would consist of 7,500 square feet of glass of diamond and gold with a glass roof. Each of the 152 guest rooms will also come with fresh towels and a private balcony.

This eco-friendly project is expected to be complete by 2025, but there is still much unknown about the total coat of construction and the success rate of its construction. Is it too futuristic for the world? Would it be truly effective in combating climate change? Due to these uncertainties, Turk leaves further speculations and questions from the public pending.

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