I don’t know exactly what life choices I made that lead me to this moment. But, I do know I regret them all. Everything you’ve heard about this movie is true… it’s all true… pray for me….

It’s just… It’s not good. The set design is good and the songs aren’t bad. But, holey moly. The rest is just baffling. Did you hear that there is a part with CGI dancing coach roaches? Because that’s true. Or that there is a part where the Rebel Wilson cat rips her skin off? Or that the Jason Derulo cat has an uncomfortable amount of sexual energy that brings a terrible feeling into an already hard to watch movie? True and true. Or did you hear that they forgot to CGI Judi Dench’s hands and you can still see her wedding ring? Cause that’s true. And it’s not even subtle or in just in one scene. It’s prominent and in several.

Every wild and crazy thing you’ve heard about this movie. It’s true. It’s all so very true. And it is for that reason that I say, you gotta watch this movie. It’s bonkers. Get some friends together (when its save) and just have a ball laughing at this incompressible mess of a movie

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