Kulick ponders whether he can stay friends with an ex on October 2020’s “Just Be Friends,” and his new acoustic version strips the track back to let the lyrics and story shine. It’s the first taste of his new EP Sitting in a Quiet Coffeehouse, an acoustic project slated for release on April 30th. 

“I heard this song as a very pop production, exactly the way it was first executed,” Kulick told American Songwriter. “I wrote it on a piano and immediately heard the percussion and vocal layers in my head. I don’t think I was ready to hear it stripped when I was writing it. It was too raw at that moment. Once some time passed, I was able to reimagine it as an acoustic version, and that’s when I realized how sad of a story it really is.”

Hailing from Pennsylvania, Jacob Kulick blends elements of alt-rock and pop into a unique sound that has already earned him slots touring with the likes of Andy Black and Sleeping With Sirens. Not unlike SWS’ own If You Were a Movie, This Would Be Your Soundtrack, Kulick’s Sitting in a Quiet Coffeehouse reimagines his previous work in a new, acoustic light. The project includes new versions of five tracks from his 2020 album Yelling in a Quiet Neighborhood, adding depth and new meaning to the songs. 

“Re-recording these songs with more of a ‘coffeehouse’ vibe (hence the name Sitting in a Quiet Coffeehouse) made me remember what it was like when I first learned the acoustic guitar and when I first recorded these songs,” Kulick shares. “It made me feel a bittersweet nostalgia in both cases. It also made me realize how sad some of these songs actually are when you take away all of the production. Overall, I hope it gives fans, both new and old, some Kulick songs that are more ‘chill’ than normal, but still organic and authentic.”

(c) April Rose Gabrielli

While you wait for Sitting in a Quiet Coffeehouse, you can connect with Kulick on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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