Transviolet and DREAMERS Ditch a Party on “Clean Laundry”

LA-based band Transviolet, who have already received nods of approval from the likes of Dua Lipa and Harry Styles, are out to release the alt-pop song of the summer with “Clean Laundry,” a sleek track featuring guest vocals by Nick Wold of Dreamers. Its airy intro quickly turns to a synth-infused wave that describes two people leaving a disappointing party to spend time together instead. 

“‘Clean Laundry’ originated with a track created by drummer/producer Jon Garcia,” vocalist Sarah McTaggart shares. “I loved the chill vibe and pulled it up in a Zoom session I had with long time collaborator Ben Greenspan. I started singing over it and the verse and pre [chorus] came together pretty quickly. We labored over the chorus a bit, and left feeling unsure about it. When we pulled it up again, the chorus was underwhelming, so we scrapped what we had and rewrote it. The new one was really different, but we immediately knew it was something special.”

(c) Chris Greenwell

The song marks the group’s first collaboration with DREAMERS, and Nick Wold’s verse offers an alternate perspective of the evening described throughout the earlier verses. The collab came about when Transviolet were approaching acts to feature on a different song they were recording, and a late response from DREAMERS inspired them to put Nick on “Clean Laundry” instead.

“By the time we heard back from Nick, we’d already agreed to have another artist on it,” McTaggart explains. “We really wanted to do a track with Nick/Dreamers, and thought it would be cool to have him on ‘Clean Laundry’ instead. Luckily, he was into it, and agreed to write and sing on it. Since we were still in the middle of quarantine, we worked remotely, and Nick wrote, sang, and recorded his parts on his own. We all loved what he brought to the song, and are looking forward to performing it at a festival together one day!”

Until COVID lets up and allows that festival to happen, you can check out “Clean Laundry” on your favorite streaming service here! You can connect with Transviolet on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website, as well as picking up tickets to their next U.S. tour here, planned for Fall 2021.

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