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I’ve personally been working on the things outlined on this list/article for years now. I’m no expert and what may work for me may not work for you; as always, just take what I say into consideration. These tips may seem pointless to some people, but they can make a huge difference. Here are some things you can do in your every day life to improve yourself overall.

Wake up early– Lounging around in bed hours after waking up can make you even more tired. Getting out of bed as soon as you wake up can make your day more productive. If you work and/or attend school, you may be used to rising early. Some people work at night and sleep during the day, so this doesn’t apply to those people. If you don’t work and/or go to school, this time should still be used to hone some new skills and develop new interests. Consider setting an alarm for anywhere between 5:00 A.M and 8:00 A.M. Eat a well balanced breakfast or blend your own fresh juice. Cleanse your home. Push yourself.


The minute you wake up, say a positive affirmation or have a positive thought of what your day will be– Literally, any time that I said (in my mind) that I would have a great day, I had a great day. Affirmations are the practices “of positive thinking and self-empowerment” (Wikipedia). Believe the words you speak. Having a better attitude can be life changing along with actively working toward being better. If you’re in a bad head space when you get up, it can negatively impact your entire day. In a perfect world, we’d be happy 24/7. I’m not saying every day is going to be a good day because some things are completely out of our control. However, we should at least strive to have a good day. In some instances, we may think we had a horrible day, but we may have just had a bad moment and that shouldn’t dictate our whole outlook on that day. Don’t go to bed on a bad note, let the troubles go. Pray to/chant to/talk to whoever you choose to worship whether it be Jesus Christ, Yahweh, Allah, or Gautama Buddha if you’re spiritual or religious.

Plan your day in advance– Develop daily routines and stick to them. Obviously, things can change and your routine won’t be perfectly followed to a “T” all of the time. However, it’s still good to have an idea of what your days will entail. Have a specific time frame set up to perform your tasks. Plan out errands early so that things aren’t done at the last minute. 

Ayurveda Benefits of Warm Lemon and Honey Water by Team Sivalya

Substitute coffee for warm lemon water and honey– Warm lemon water with honey has many health benefits: aids in boosting the immune system, aids in weight lost, reduces stress levels, increases energy levels, helps clear acne, and rids the body of toxins. Plain lemon water is also beneficial. Warm lemon water with honey can help when you have a common cold or flu (it breaks up phlegm/mucus). Intaking it on a daily basis can make it easier for your body to fight off infections. Coffee also has its health benefits. Decaf-coffee can be another alternative. However, warm lemon water can add in more nutritional value to your diet. Don’t go overboard because too much of the acidity from the lemon can make you sick (1-2 cups daily). If you’re allergic to lemons or dislike them, try green tea or a warm caffeine-free beverage.  


Take baby steps to break bad habits– Whatever your bad habit is, you’re capable of breaking it if you want to do that. If you’re a smoker (cigarettes or marijuana), try going a day without smoking. You can also decrease the amount of times you smoke in one day: example, instead of smoking 4 times a day, consider smoking only 1-2 times daily. You don’t need those substances, you want them. Wants aren’t a necessity. It can take a few months to break a habit. Your health can improve tremendously from breaking bad habits. If you drink heavily, try going a day without drinking and pick up a hobby or do something constructive that can occupy your drinking time. It’s important to keep in mind that some people have addictions and need real treatment. This can only happen if the addict is prepared to take that step after admitting he or she has a problem. Once the addict reaches this point, the road to recovery can begin. If you can’t go to bed unless you have a sweet treat to eat, opt for fresh Almonds or grapes instead of brownies, cookies, ice cream, and honeybuns. Dark chocolate that is low in added sugar can be great alternatives, depending on the brand. There are ice cream brands that are low in added sugar, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.  


Eat better and exercise– When you eat healthy, you feel healthy. When you feel good, it can reflect on your appearance. Consider fasting on fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and water for a week. Intake Sea moss gel, Bladderwrack, and Elderberry concentrate. Cut back on meats just for a little while along with sugars, dairy products, and carbs. Drink more water than anything else. Take a 30 minute walk in your neighborhood (if it’s a safe space) or spend a couple of hours in a park that has a trail and walk that trail for a few rounds. Gym memberships can also be beneficial if that’s what you prefer. Aside from weight benefits, exercise can improve your mental health, regulate blood sugar, reduce the chances of getting certain diseases, improve brain function, etc.

Embrace those small moments with loved ones– Conversations, laughs, and even counseling sessions with family members and friends can give us all a great amount of fulfillment. It’s so important to never take our moments together for granted. You also never know what they may be dealing with, so always make an effort to be kind. Make the time you spend together memorable and fun. Reach out to them, listen to them, love them (make sure they do the same for you).

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Stay in the present– This is a big one for me and I’m continuing to work on it. “If you want to be happy, do not dwell in the past, do not worry about the future, focus on living fully in the present” (Roy T. Bennett). The past is done, so there’s nothing we can do to change that. The future hasn’t arrived and what we do today can determine the future, yet, it’s important to cherish present day.

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