Cleavers, blowtorches are this Pakistani barber's work tools

If you thought Edward Scissorhands cutting hair was bizarre, Pakistani barber Ali Abbas takes haircuts to an even more bizarre level. At his barber shop in Lahore, Abbas can be seen using a hammer, blowtorch, a cleaver, and a cutting board. These unconventional haircut methods have gained popularity by AFP News and now makes over $3,000 daily, including tips.

“I thought I should do something different to attract more clients”, says Abbas. “Every day, I try to come up with new ways of cutting hair. When I used a hammer or knife, it was kind of like an experiment for me and I trained for a year to ace it. So far, there has been a very good response from my clients, who were quite scared in the beginning”.

“The fire does not hurt because it is far away from the skin. The fire is on top of the hair and I’m feeling really good”, said one of Abbas’s customers. “I’m not scared because my hair grew more after cutting it with a cleaver rather than with scissors”, said a female customer. According to these customers, Abbas had also used shards of broken glass to thin out thick hair. No injuries have been reported, according to the Pakistani newspaper Daily Jang.

The video of Abbas cutting hair has spiked in popularity with over 2 million views in one day! The reactions are quite mixed: “You got to be joking, no way! My heart’s in my throat right now”, write one user. “Interesting take on hair styling. Best wishes from California”, wrote another. “Awesome, unique, and talented person. It’s always good to try new methods”, wrote another. One user summarized the video with just one word: “Legends”.

So, what is your reaction on Abbas’s haircut methods? Would you get a haircut from this barbershop? Let us know!

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