DC Rockers American Television Celebrate Their Influences on ‘Adolescence’ EP

During quarantine, it feels like there have been two major patterns: people turning their focus inwards on themselves and people getting out and creating something to deal with their emotions. American Television found a way to do both at once, even as the pandemic and last summer’s social unrest weighed on everyone’s souls and social media feeds. The band released their debut album, Watch It Burn, in January 2020, and they’re following it up with Adolescence, a new EP featuring five covers of songs by artists that influenced them.

The project began when the group covered Operation Ivy’s “Officer” last year for a Black Lives Matter fundraiser compilation, then loved the process so much they decided to keep recording covers. Pretty soon, they had put their spin on four more songs for the EP: Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown,” Bad Religion’s “American Jesus,” Fugazi’s “Merchandise,” and Green Day’s tracks “Brain Stew” and “Jaded,” which they blended into a mashup. Meanwhile, the EP’s cover art draws from that of Adolescents’ self-titled 1981 debut. 

“Engaging in the recording process independently was challenging with limited experience recording ourselves and no ability to support each other on takes,” lead vocalist and guitarist Steve Rovery admits. “Choosing songs that have been with us for most of our lives helped us channel our energy despite being solo, and the fact that they were still relevant 25 years later helped fuel the ferocity of the performance.”

Adolescence is out now via Wiretap Records, and you can check it out on your favorite streaming services! You can also connect with American Television on Facebook and Instagram.

(c) Craig Hall

American Television consists of vocalist and guitarist Steve Rovery, guitarist and supporting vocalist Jerred Lazar, drummer Bryan Flowers, and bassist Edwin Wikfors.

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