News: Cap'n Crunch's Chocolate Caramel Crunch + Churro Bites!

For almost 70 years, the Quaker Oats company has been notorious for damaging the roofs of our mouths with their “Cap’n Crunch” cereal. The sweetened, processed corn infiltrating our mouth somehow knows exactly how to make us return for another “crunch”. While different variations of the cereal have been created such as “Crunch Berries” and “Peanut Butter Crunch”, Quaker has recently announced a new variation: Chocolate Caramel Crunch

“Caramel Crunch” consists of the usual yellow pieces (which are meant to resemble treasure chests) as well as dark pieces made of caramel, similar to the dark pieces seen in “Count Chocula”. The slogan “Crunchitize me Captain!” has been changed to “Chocolatize Me Captain!” Starting June 2021, Quaker will be releasing this cereal in local supermarkets for $2.98 for an 11.8 ounce box.

Chocolate for breakfast sounds unique and promising, but it is not the first time cereal has provided this interpretation. Other brands such as Cookie Crisp, S’mores cereal, and the previously mentioned Count Chocolata have been serving chocolatey cereal since 1977, 1982, and 1971, respectively. Also, Quaker itself has introduced a chocolate confession just recently in “Chocolate Churro Bite Snack Pouches” which are described by food reviewer Caitlyn Fitzpatrick as “crunchy chocolate bites that look like mini churros. Each box includes 12 pouches for $5.49”. However, each Fitzpatrick agrees that these churro bites are “more for snack than breakfast”.

Fortunately, “Caramel Crunch” is not a limited edition cereal. The artificial flavor of Cap’n Crunch has enthralled children and adults alike and now we have a new variation to look forward for. While chocolate may not have been the most unique choice, we can never go wrong with it and will definitely be hitting the cereal aisle this June!

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