Let Fate Follow

I feel hopeless


Like I’m at the end of my rope

I can see myself down a hole

Dangling at the end of the rope

With miles beneath me to fall

The question is

Should I let go

Let the fall take me

Let Fate do her job

It was fate that brought me here

Fate that led me down this hole

Fate that left me without enough rope


Was that me

Did I lead myself here

Did I not check the depth of this hole

Did I climb down the rope without knowing if it would be enough

Did I make the choices that led me to this place

This hopelessness

This desperation that I feel

Did I choose the path or did fate lead me

And if fate led me

Why did I follow

Why did I not question her plan

Her motive

Why would I let myself be led so blindly

Was it so I could blameless

So that I am not responsible for my position

So that my choices would not be my own

So that I can stay here dangling at the end of my rope

And scream out that it’s not my fault

The hopelessness that led me to believe

That my only option is to let go

And let fate decide

To fall into nothingness

I choose


To climb

If fate led me here and I feel hopeless

Then my only option is now


I shall grip the rope

And pull

With all the strength I have in me

I will climb my way out

Out of this hole

Back to the light

To find my way

To make my own way

I will lead me

Let Fate follow

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