International group Gone Gone Beyond offer a cozy new folk track with “Canyons,” the third single from their upcoming record 2030. A great option for fans of acts like Fleetwood Mac and The Oh Hellos, the band also dropped a fun performance video live from Mexico’s Hotel El Ganzo.

“It’s a voodoo lullaby with all the whimsy of Alan Watts and all the heart of Neil Young,” group member Danny Musengo shares. “The beautiful arrangements in ‘Canyons’ often boast unique harmonic inversions and unlikely cadences, while still leaving you with the familiar feeling you’ve been wrapped up in this song, like a warm blanket, for your entire life.”

Gone Gone Beyond came to be when David Block (Los Angeles/New York) met the band’s three other members through his work with his project The Human Experience. From there, he introduced Danny Musengo (Iowa/New York), Kat Factor (Santa Cruz, CA), and Mel Semé (Cuba/Barcelona), bringing the group and their diverse experiences and influences together.

The band has also excitedly announced their upcoming sophomore album 2030, slated for a June 25th release. It will feature last year’s singles “Coast” and “Little Moon” (both of which have over a million Spotify streams), “Canyons,” and 9 new songs, wrapping up with the titular lyric: “I hope I see you in the year 2030.”

“The album title symbolizes the potential for change,” vocalist Kat Factor explains. “It speaks to the drive we have as a band to see the planet and us as a human species regenerate together for the greater good, for the collective whole, not just us as individuals. We want all the future generations to be able to thrive in the same ways that we have been allowed to.”

Check out “Canyons” on your favorite streaming platforms now and presave 2030 here! You can also catch the band on the School Night At Home! livestream Wednesday night at 8pm Eastern, as well as connecting with them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website.

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