Some people are gifted with better judgement, but a YouGov poll based on man’s ability to beat wild animals in a fight may prove that all men have poor judgement. According to the poll, “6% of respondents believe they could beat a grizzly bear in a fight, 8% believe they can take on a gorilla or elephant, 14% believe they can overpower a kangaroo, and 30% believe they can beat an eagle”. Even YouGov themselves responded to the poll by stating, “It doesn’t look good for the human race”.

The respondents to this study were majority men with women having more practical views on which animals to take on in a fight. In the study of women, “90% of women said they could take on a small rat, 60% said they could beat a goose, and 0% believed they could beat up an elephant, lion, or grizzly bear”. Does this truly mean that women are wiser than men or are women too conceited? Humans may be the most dangerous animal, but we are definitely not the most powerful.

According to biologist Tom McKay, grizzly bears can weigh up to 1,700 pounds, meaning they could easily take a few hits from a far inferior human and prance them to death. Lions, also, can travel up to 50 miles per hour (73 feet per second)-not to mention the presence of tall grass, which can be difficult for the relatively weak human to navigate. Gorillas and elephants have fangs and horns, respectively-both of are over 6 times as powerful as a human-according to McKay. Kangaroos and eagles are powerful and have sharp claws that can rip the human to shreds.

Now, let’s look at the tamer animals. Rats, while being able to deliver rabies, are small and easy to dispose of. Geese are tame and not very powerful due to their soft beak and soft feathers. At least, they are far tamer than wild animals such as grizzly bears, elephants, kangaroos, and eagles. This study alone shows that women are more analytical in their decision while men are more ambitious.

Surely, if men were to face these animals head-on, they may think differently about their responses. Sure, humans have weapons and opposable thumbs but our overall weight and health are far inferior to wild animals. Indeed, it does not look good for the human race. 

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