Laura Marano Recruits Poe Leos and Jean Deaux For Flirty “Can’t Help Myself” Remix

Laura Marano enters the race for Song of the Summer with a new remix of her playfully sultry track “Can’t Help Myself,” featuring Poe Leos and Jean Deaux. The song describes a reunion with an ex who walked away, and Marano has called it a sequel to her 2019 fan favorite “F.E.O.U.” It marks her first collaboration with both Poe Leos and Jean Deaux, and they each completed their parts of the song remotely in their Los Angeles homes.

“I’ve been a fan of Jean Deaux’s work for a while, and I was beyond thrilled to have her create two verses for the song,” Marano shares. “I was connected to Poe Leos through someone we both work with, and I knew she was this awesome singer, but I did not realize she had gotten into producing (and is pretty flipping awesome at it). Together, we have created this new type of anthem; a sexy, flirty song, that is about the glorious feeling of an ex who broke your heart but wants you back.”

This new version of “Can’t Help Myself” is the newest offering from the upcoming deluxe edition of Marano’s YOU EP, due June 25th. The original project came out in October 2020 and features seven tracks: “You,” “Can’t Hold On Forever,” “When You Wake Up,” “Can’t Help Myself,” “Honest With You,” “Something to Believe In,” and “Run.” She hasn’t unveiled the deluxe tracklist yet, but we know that remixes of “Can’t Help Myself” and “Honest With You” will make an appearance.

You can check out “Can’t Help Myself” on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with Laura Marano on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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