Boys World take a guy from “caveman to changed man” on their summery new track “All Me,” their newest offering since their April EP While You Were Out. The song is like a sassy Gen-Z version of Meghan Trainor’s “Credit,” boasting how they helped a boy change for the better. 

The song’s music video embodies the lyrics with a colorful flair, following the girls as they give a boy’s whole life a makeover, from his hair to his room decor. Each room and girl’s outfit are assigned a different color, letting them stand out and express their personality.

Boys World embody everything that comes to mind when you think of girl groups: energetic vocals, fun choreography, and unique fashion and visuals. They’re a group for the next generation, ranging in age from 18 to 20 and consisting of members Elana Caceres, Lillian Kay, Makhyli, Olivia Ruby, and Queenie May. Most of their fans are around their age, meaning they can easily connect and relate to each other, and it lets them forge a special bond while being their youthful selves.


nice to meet yaaaa✨🍬

♬ No Roots – Alice Merton

“If we didn’t have that sparkle, or that something people can see is different, then they wouldn’t come to us,” Elana told Billboard earlier this year. “I don’t feel like we’re just another girl group. I feel like people are seeing us and going, ‘Gosh, they’re really cool.’” And if their rise to stardom with a passionate fanbase is any indication, lots of people think they’re really cool.

You can find “All Me” on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with Boys World on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter!

The members of Girls World pose together in a field. Makhyli and Lillian are kneeling on the ground, while Queenie, Olivia, and Elana stand above them.
(c) Kai Cranmore

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