Talk Show Host Speak Out Against Police Brutality on “Warmest Condolences”

Talk Show Host make a statement about police brutality on “Warmest Condolences,” the third single from their debut album Mid-Century Modern, due on June 4th. The lyrics offer sarcastic commentary from the perspective of a cop who shot someone, insisting “I don’t know what I was thinking, [the gun] went off in my hand.”

“‘Warmest Condolences’ is a driving, catchy summer jam about guns that somehow fire themselves and the cops who just can’t seem to figure out why,” the band shares. “Bop your head to an indictment of our capitalist police state & the never-ending cycle of grief & misery upon which it feeds!”

Despite the song’s dark theme, it stays upbeat and catchy, making its message more accessible to the audience while showing off the band’s talents. The Toronto group, consisting of vocalist and guitarist Chris Veinot, bassist Fabien Rivenet, and drummer and backup vocalist Sean Woolven, have been releasing ‘90s punk-inspired EPs since 2016 and have played over 100 shows, letting them grow their fanbase and a community around their music without even having a full-length project.

You can find “Warmest Condolences” on your favorite streaming services now, and watch out for Talk Show Host’s Mid-Century Modern on June 4th! You can also connect with the band on Facebook and Instagram.

(c) Amanda Fotes

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