DJ, producer, model, and designer MADDS is ready to ring in summer with her new single “Never Forget,” the lead single of her upcoming debut EP. Born in South Africa and based in Los Angeles, Madison Louch is destined to be one of the biggest new faces in the electronic scene, having already toured with Steve Aoki as well as being booked for a Vegas residency at Resorts World, Firefly Fest, and Blended Austin later this year.

Alongside the song, she’s released a fun music video featuring four of her model friends: Alexa Collins, Brianna Gonva, Cindy Prado, and Sabrina Calvo. They wear adorable bathing suits from MADDS’ collaboration with AKOSHA for a luxurious photoshoot in Miami, then hit the pool and party while MADDS plays a DJ set.

26-year-old MADDS fell in love with EDM on a trip to Salt Lake City, Utah with her parents, where they wound up seeing Benny Benassi play a rave on the night of her 13th birthday. Through high school, she taught herself production and songwriting, and despite facing challenges and sexism while starting her career, she’s prevailed and thrived, even getting advice from Skrillex. 

“I wanted to be better than who [people that made rude comments] were representing,” she shares. “I started saying less and just noticing what was around me, secretly watching them and plotting my next step forward.”

(c) Aaron Haxton

The next step for MADDS is her upcoming debut EP, set to release later this year. Featuring some of her favorite songs she’s made to date, there’s no doubt that this will catapult her success even further.

“I wrote this EP during the most incredible experience with my girlfriends,” she explains. “Every night was drinking wine and dancing to Calvin Harris until sunrise. There was no drama on this trip. It was incredible. Not a single tear was shed over boy drama.”

You can find “Never Forget” on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with MADDS on Instagram and Twitter! And if you’ll be in the Las Vegas area this summer, you can get tickets to her Resorts World residency here.

(c) Dan Grab

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