Livingmore’s energetic sophomore album, Take Me, is finally here via Nomad Eel Records, and it’s exactly the energy boost you need to get through the upcoming dog days of summer. The Los Angeles-based band have already earned over 2 million streams as an independent act, and Take Me, which they describe as “a part of [their] souls,” will only take them higher.

The record opens with the punchy “Sharp,” the project’s lead single that draws from 80s pop influences like Blondie. Livingmore dropped a performance video for the song the day Take Me came out, going from a light tea party to a dark stage setup that feels like an indie concert venue pre-pandemic.

If you’re someone who’s missing music festivals right now, Take Me will certainly give you your fix. It’s unfair that catchy, slick songs like “Neighbors” and “Dramatic” can’t become crowd singalongs quite yet, but they’re destined to become set staples once the band can perform for their growing fanbase.

Livingmore consists of vocalist and guitarist Alex Moore, guitarist and supporting vocalist Spencer Livingston, drummer and keyboardist Mike Schadel, and bassist Rodrigo Moreno. Moore and Livingston, who fused their names to create “Livingmore,” started the group in 2014 after connecting thanks to their shared love of artists like Garbage, Modest Mouse, and The Cure.

“It’s a dance-your-problems-away album,” Moore shares on the band’s website. “Even though we all go through bummers, we can still jump around, rock out, have a good time, and not take life too seriously. It was the first time we added some humor. Overall, it’s our most movable album.”

Livingston adds, “Take Me is more personal for us [than our previous work]. You’re getting to know who we are in these songs, and the music is meant to reflect everything we’re into. It’s a nice rollercoaster ride.”

You can find Take Me on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with Livingmore on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and their official website!

(c) Joseph Cultice

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