Nearly anything can have an astrological chart, even the United States. And it does; a very good one at that. Yes, America’s astrology is actually very well placed. There are positions in a horoscope that are often viewed negatively, and thankfully, America has them to a minimum. So, let’s take a look at some of the major aspects in the astrology of America.

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American Flag
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The beauty of astrology is it’s ability to show a thing in its essence without reservation. There are many ways a single aspect can manifest in a real person or event’s life. But I can be certain that it will manifest, one way or another. The Sun in the first house will always be the Sun in the first house, no matter what. Changes can and will occur, but this will always be the energy this person is giving off and will affect their fate.

It is no different for a state’s fate either. The United States of America was founded on July 4th, 1776, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at 5:10 pm. Alas, many will give alternate dates for the country’s official inception, but it is this date which is most fitting, coincides with America’s events, and had solid intent during it’s creation. It is rumored that the founding fathers even delayed the signing of the Declaration of Independence so it would be astrologically more favorable.

And I firmly believe that this is the case. Washington and many others were Free Masons, and at the time, would have been submerged in astrological knowledge up to their eyeballs. Hence, I take this date to be the US’s correct chart.

President George Washington
George Washington
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So, let’s get into it. For starters, any astrologer with eyes will see the most important aspects in America’s chart right away: Sun conjunct Venus, conjunct Jupiter. This is a three planet pile-up, known as a sub-stellium. And these three planets are considered “benefics,” planets which bring good fortune. The Sun being America’s authentic Self, Venus bringing wealth and wisdom, and Jupiter heralding his amplifying energies and good luck.

This kind of planetary combination is very powerful. It makes us understanding, philosophical in nature, fair-minded and just, and successful through commerce. It is gregarious and confident in its bearing, and many see it as happiness itself. In a person’s chart, I would immediately see this person as being very fortunate, and watch as cosmic gifts are hoisted upon them. I have seen it many times, personally, and have no reason to think it different here.

But there are always downsides to every aspect in astrology. And this particular set also indicates extreme spending and complete lack of control through monetary affairs. America is like a newly minted lottery winner, ready to blow it all on a weekend at the casino.

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Viva Las Vegas
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But, as always, there are mitigating factors. Again, good ones. There can be other forces in a chart that will keep a tendency in check. Here lies Mars trine Saturn. If Mars is the action oriented warrior of our chart, then he has a nice flowing connection of positive energy direct to Saturn, our task-master and disciplinarian of the chart.

With a dampening and sobering influence like Saturn to tone-down our actions, you can be sure that there is balance found somewhere out there. America is a country of laws and reason, and a strong justice system helps keep our folk from merely running amok, from business tycoon to politician. There is a maturity embodied in this placement that is much needed for another important topic: longevity.

You see, without good Saturn contacts, one cannot “endure.” All good relationships have a grounding Saturn effect. He is the god of commitments and putting up with crap. Therefore, it is obvious that Mars and Saturn conspire here to keep America within its bounds and steadily chugging along. Most of the time.

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Uranus opposite the Ascendant is an aspect that will definitely upset the apple cart. Mozart possessed it, and it often indicates genius or invention within a person. At the very least, they are rebels and enjoy doing things to shock and surprise others. And indeed, America does this. Again and again, we have risen to particular challenges and created entirely new ways to interact in our world.

American ingenuity is as synonymous with the country as apple pie and and the internet. And I’m sure many other countries have gotten a taste of this middle-finger energy from time to time. England to Germany, Red Coat to Nazi, we were there telling people to stuff it in a most American way.

We invented Rock and Roll and chili cheese burgers. We made “the bomb” and the muscle car. We’ve parachuted in Pop-Tarts as aid, and sold the “Pet Rock” as a friend. We have pushed the boundaries on technology with the first computer, and created Tang for astronauts and housewives.

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Strawberry flavored aid
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Yes, the mind of America is quite nimble. As is represented by Mercury opposite Pluto aspect too. Mercury is all things logic and communication. Pluto? He’s depth and intensity, death and rebirth, obsession and manipulation. So, when you put these two together, you get a very probing and suspicious thought process.

The Opposition aspect is one of projection. What is “out there” is not “in here,” so to speak. Hence, America is always looking for an enemy. The enemy within and under, around and through. Political enemies, war enemies, the war on crime, the war on terror. It is easy to see how this manifests.

In fact, this is the basis for many propaganda campaigns throughout the the nation’s history as well. Mercury and Pluto are a subtle and sly pair, plotting and scheming to get what they want. And it is no surprise that Pluto transiting in the sky has returned to exactly this position after 245 years since it first sat in America’s chart in 1776. When Pluto opposes Mercury in transit, manipulations are in the air. And I’ve smelled quite a few over the last few years. But I digress…

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America the Super Spy
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So, as you can see, USA is not all bad and it never has been. It has inherently good traits about it, but, as with all things, faces challenges. The next two years will be pivotal as we face our first “Pluto Return,” hitting initially in February 2022. This will be a time of testing and shedding decay for the seeds of renewal to be born. This is a time to help America be what it could be, and shine in its most glorious areas and natural talents. Lift her up.

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