Madison Beer Laments a Lost Love on Ethereal Track “Reckless”

“How could you be so reckless with my heart?” Madison Beer ponders on the lead single of her yet-to-be-announced sophomore album. “Reckless” frames a past relationship as a twisted fairytale where the boy she loved left her for another girl, leaving Beer wondering why she didn’t see the signs or whether she was at fault.

“I made ‘Reckless’ in October of 2020 after finding out my intuition is literally always right,” Beer explained to a fan on Twitter. “And if someone tells you not to worry about someone else but your heart tells you you should, run.”

The song bears several similarities to “Everything Happens For a Reason,” a fan-favorite track from her February 2021 album, Life Support. Both tracks question how Beer’s partner could treat her so poorly over a soulful instrumental that lets her show off her fluttery vocals.  

“Reckless” is Beer’s first release since dropping Life Support earlier this year and welcomes fans into her new era with a bittersweet tone. Beer celebrated release night on Twitter with fans:

You can find “Reckless” on your favorite streaming services now, and connect with Madison Beer on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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