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I wasn’t trying to listen, really I wasn’t. But as I approached the corner of the hallway I heard my name. I stopped and peeked around the corner. I saw Betty and Conner standing close to each other talking in a hushed voice. I knew I shouldn’t listen but I really couldn’t help it. How can you walk away when you hear your name? At first, I thought they saw me. I was about to say hi but then I saw Conner look around to make sure no one was listening. That’s how I knew I wasn’t supposed to hear what came next. Betty looked nervous, more than nervous, she looked scared. Her eyes kept darting around and she kept playing with the charm on her necklace. She seemed to hunch over like she was trying to go unnoticed. Not that she ever could go unnoticed. Betty was beautiful, she knew it and the school knew it. She had glossy blond hair that bounced when she walked. Her perfect blue almond eyes and full perfectly pink lips never needed makeup. In fact, she never wore any. She was naturally beautiful. I know what you’re thinking already because most people think the same thing when they first see her. However, Betty isn’t just beautiful on the outside; she’s beautiful on the inside too. She volunteered at the local church, food pantry, and community center, all while working and keeping at least a 3.95 GPA. She’s ambitious, to say the least, but never at the expense of others. That’s what makes this all the more strange. Betty wasn’t known to gossip. I could stop all of this and just walk around the corner and say hi. It would be so simple “Hi guys, what are you talking about,” boom, done. But I can’t. I can’t seem to move. I need to know what is happening. But I can’t hear what they’re saying now. Conner is talking now but he’s so quiet. I’ve never heard him this quiet before. Conner has a huge voice. He has the kind of voice that doesn’t require a megaphone or a microphone. He’s captain of the basketball team so it’s a bit comical to see him try to slouch down to meet Betty’s hunch. Or at least it would be if he wasn’t looking around so much looking just as scared as Betty. I took a step or two more to try to get closer to earshot. I could kind of hear Conner say something about, “this afternoon,” and “get out alive”. Now I’m scared. Is something happening to me this afternoon that I might not make it out alive? I have to find out what is happening. I have to just turn the corner and say hi. I take a deep breath in and step around the corner. Betty and Conner both look at me with wide eyes.

“Hi, guys, what’s up?”

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  1. I really enjoyed your short story. I store all my material on a service called SoundCloud. I write in a screenplay format and turn everything into little audio productions. It’s different than an audiobook because I use a different voice for each character. That way I can leave out all the “he said, she said” baggage. Here is a sample. Let me know what you think…

    Here is the link.

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