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Since 1998, Google had been a leading Internet provider, whether through search engines or through personal assistants. The release of the Google Pixel 3A Buds shows that Google can also excel at making the most simplistic, smallest gadgets as well. This unit serves as wireless Bluetooth and audio earbuds which distinguishes itself with a few features:

Built in Touch Controls: For those with slightly larger hands, this feature will definitely satisfy. Rather than having to manually move the video bar with your fingers, the touch control feature allows you to control the device simply by tapping. Specifically, a single tap permits you to pause the song, double tapping skips a songs, and triple tapping rewinds the song. Tapping and holding, of course, summons Google Assistant (as well as using your voice). Speaking of which…

Built In Google Assistant: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the newest and, arguably, the most capable virtual assistant would be involved with these pixel buds. Google Assistant will activate upon tapping and holding or through using your voice. Notable features of the Google Assistant in relation to the Pixel Buds include reading notifications, translating foreign languages, and raising/lowering the volume.

Bass Boost Setting: The bass boost setting increases the quality of the music further by adding crisp, clear soiund to the bass of the song. It permits vocals to transmit quite clearly and with no distortion. Technology analyst Sam Rutherford describes the experience as “sounding the same of Google’s line of smart speakers”.

Form Factor: Despite Google’s unique features, the case that the earbuds is placed in is quite portable and is as small as an egg. The case consists of an indicator light, the buds themselves, and a pairing button that sits inside the case so as not to accidentally press it. Once you tap the buttons, the buds practically set themselves up, making it easy to install too!

The only gripe he have about Google Pixel Buds is the lack of wireless charging even though the battery life is quite average. For a gadget as suitable and small as Google Pixel Buds, they could easily have eliminated the tedious USB charge factor. However, for a pair of earbuds, the Google Pixel Buds certainly deliver on improving the listening experience and then some. It’s just another example of Google going above and beyond in the world of technology.

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